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# python-markdown2 Changelog
## python-markdown2 v1.0.1.18 (not yet released)
- [Issue 57] Add html5 block tags (article, section, aside, et al; see
"_html5tags" variable) to Markdown literal HTML block tag handling. Thanks
Tim Gray!
- [Issue 56] Fix ` install`.
- [Issue 54] Fix escaping of link title attributes. Thanks FND!
- Tweak list matching to NOT make a ul for something like this:
- - - - - hi there
Before this change this would be a silly 5-deep nested li. See
"not_quite_a_list" test case.
- [Issue 52] Fix potential pathologically slow matching for `<hr>` markdown
("slow_hr" test case).
- Add a `Markdown.postprocess(text) -> text` hook that is called near the end
of markdown conversion. By default this does no transformation. It is called
just before unescaping of special characters and unhashing of literal HTML
- ["header-ids" and "toc" extras] Add "n" argument to
`Markdown.header_id_from_text` hook. This allows a subclass using this hook
to differentiate the header id based on the hN number (e.g. h1 diff that
h2). Also allow a `None` return value to not add an id to that header (and
exclude that header from the TOC).
Note: If you used this hook, this is an incompatible change to the call
- Add a "markdown-in-html" extra similar to (but limited)
<>. I.e. this:
<div markdown="1">
Yo **yo**!
Yo <strong>yo</strong>!
- [Issue 39] Test case fix for pygments 1.3.1 from thomas.moschny.
- [Issue 42] Add "smarty-pants" extra for transforming plain ASCII
punctuation characters into smart typographic punctuation HTML entities.
Inspiration: <>
Implementation by Nikhil Chelliah. Also add `\'` and `\"` escape sequences
for forcing dumb quotes when this extra is in use.
- Guard against using `True` instead of `None` as follows
`markdown(..., extras={'header-ids': True})`. `None` is wanted, but `True`
is commonly (at least I did it twice) used.
## python-markdown2 v1.0.1.17
- [Issue 36] Fix "cuddled-lists" extra handling for an
looks-like-a-cuddled-list-but-is-indented block. See the
"test/tm-cases/cuddled_list_indented.text" test case.
- Experimental new "toc" extra. The returned string from conversion will have
a `toc_html` attribute.
- New "header-ids" extra that will add an `id` attribute to headers:
# My First Section
will become:
<h1 id="my-first-section">My First Section</h1>
An argument can be give for the extra, which will be used as a prefix for
the ids:
$ cat foo.txt
# hi there
$ python foo.txt
<h1>hi there</h1>
$ python foo.txt -x header-ids
<h1 id="hi-there">hi there</h1>
$ python foo.txt -x header-ids=prefix
<h1 id="prefix-hi-there">hi there</h1>
- Preliminary support for "html-classes" extra: takes a dict mapping HTML tag
to the string value to use for a "class" attribute for that emitted tag.
Currently just supports "pre" and "code" for code *blocks*.
## python-markdown2 v1.0.1.16
- [Issue 33] Implement a "cuddled-lists" extra that allows:
I did these things:
* bullet1
* bullet2
* bullet3
to be converted to:
<p>I did these things:</p>
## python-markdown2 v1.0.1.15
- [Issue 30] Fix a possible XSS via JavaScript injection in a carefully
crafted image reference (usage of double-quotes in the URL).
## python-markdown2 v1.0.1.14
- [Issue 29] Fix security hole in the md5-hashing scheme for handling HTML
chunks during processing.
- [Issue 27] Fix problem with underscores in footnotes content (with
"footnotes" extra).
## python-markdown2 v1.0.1.13
- [Issue 24] Set really long sentinel for max-length of link text to avoid
problems with reasonably long ones.
- [Issue 26] Complete the fix for this issue. Before this change the
randomized obscuring of 'mailto:' link letters would sometimes result
in emails with underscores getting misinterpreted as for italics.
## python-markdown2 v1.0.1.12
- [Issue 26] Fix bug where email auto linking wouldn't work for emails with
underscores. E.g. `Mail me: <>` wouldn't work.
- Update to ensure bin/markdown2 gets included in sdist.
- [Issue 23] Add support for passing options to pygments for the "code-color"
extra. For example:
>>> markdown("...", extras={'code-color': {"noclasses": True}})
This `formatter_opts` dict is passed to the pygments HtmlCodeFormatter.
Patch from 'svetlyak.40wt'.
- [Issue 21] Escape naked '>' characters, as is already done for '&' and '<'
characters. Note that other markdown implementations (both Perl and PHP) do
*not* do this. This results in differing output with two 3rd-party tests:
"php-markdown-cases/Backslash escapes.text" and "markdowntest-cases/Amps
and angle encoding.tags".
- "link-patterns" extra: Add support for the href replacement being a
callable, e.g.:
>>> link_patterns = [
... (re.compile("PEP\s+(\d+)", re.I),
... lambda m: "" % int(,
... ]
>>> markdown2.markdown("Here is PEP 42.", extras=["link-patterns"],
... link_patterns=link_patterns)
u'<p>Here is <a href="">PEP 42</a>.</p>\n'
## python-markdown2 v1.0.1.11
- Fix syntax_color test for the latest Pygments.
- [Issue 20] Can't assume that `sys.argv` is defined at top-level code --
e.g. when used at a PostreSQL stored procedure. Fix that.
## python-markdown2 v1.0.1.10
- Fix sys.path manipulation in so `easy_install markdown2-*.tar.gz`
works. (Henry Precheur pointed out the problem.)
- "bin/markdown2" is now a stub runner script rather than a symlink to
"lib/". The symlink was a problem for sdist: tar makes it a
- Added 'xml' extra: passes *one-liner* XML processing instructions and
namespaced XML tags without wrapping in a `<p>` -- i.e. treats them as a HTML
block tag.
## python-markdown2 v1.0.1.9
- Fix bug in processing text with two HTML comments, where the first comment
is cuddled to other content. See "test/tm-cases/two_comments.text". Noted
by Wolfgang Machert.
- Revert change in v1.0.1.6 passing XML processing instructions and one-liner
tags. This changed caused some bugs. Similar XML processing support will
make it back via an "xml" extra.
## python-markdown2 v1.0.1.8
- License note updates to facilitate Thomas Moschny building a package for
Fedora Core Linux. No functional change.
## python-markdown2 v1.0.1.7
- Add a proper and release to pypi:
- Move module to a lib subdir. This allows one to put the "lib"
dir of a source checkout (e.g. via an svn:externals) on ones Python Path
without have the .py files at the top-level getting in the way.
## python-markdown2 v1.0.1.6
- Fix Python 2.6 deprecation warning about the `md5` module.
- Pass XML processing instructions and one-liner tags. For example:
<?blah ...?>
<xi:include xmlns:xi="..." />
Limitations: they must be on one line. Test: pi_and_xinclude.
Suggested by Wolfgang Machert.
## python-markdown2 v1.0.1.5
- Add ability for 'extras' to have arguments. Internally the 'extras'
attribute of the Markdown class is a dict (it was a set).
- Add "demote-headers" extra that will demote the markdown for, e.g., an h1
to h2-6 by the number of the demote-headers argument.
>>> markdown('# this would be an h1', extras={'demote-headers': 2})
u'<h3>this would be an h1</h3>\n'
This can be useful for user-supplied Markdown content for a sub-section of
a page.
## python-markdown2 v1.0.1.4
- [Issue 18] Allow spaces in the URL for link definitions.
- [Issue 15] Fix some edge cases with backslash-escapes.
- Fix this error that broken command-line usage:
NameError: global name 'use_file_vars' is not defined
- Add "pyshell" extra for auto-codeblock'ing Python interactive shell
sessions even if they weren't properly indented by the tab width.
## python-markdown2 v1.0.1.3
- Make the use of the `-*- markdown-extras: ... -*-` emacs-style files
variable to set "extras" **off** be default. It can be turned on via
`--use-file-vars` on the command line and `use_file_vars=True` via the
module interface.
- [Issue 3] Drop the code-color extra hack added *for* issue3 that was
causing the a unicode error with unicode in a code-colored block,
## python-markdown2 v1.0.1.2
- [Issue 8] Alleviate some of the incompat of the last change by allowing (at
the Python module level) the usage of `safe_mode=True` to mean what it used
to -- i.e. "replace" safe mode.
- [Issue 8, **incompatible change**] The "-s|--safe" command line option and
the equivalent "safe_mode" option has changed semantics to be a string
instead of a boolean. Legal values of the string are "replace" (the old
behaviour: literal HTML is replaced with "[HTML_REMOVED]") and "escape"
(meta chars in literal HTML is escaped).
- [Issue 11] Process markup in footnote definition bodies.
- Add support for `-*- markdown-extras: ... -*-` emacs-style files variables
(typically in an XML comment) to set "extras" for the markdown conversion.
- [Issue 6] Fix problem with footnotes if the reference string had uppercase
## python-markdown2 v1.0.1.1
- [Issue 3] Fix conversion of unicode strings.
- Make the "safe_mode" replacement test overridable via subclassing: change
- [Issue 2] Fix problems with "safe_mode" removing generated HTML, instead of
just raw HTML in the text.
- Add "-s|--safe" command-line option to set "safe_mode" conversion
boolean. This option is mainly for compat with
- Add "link-patterns" extra: allows one to specify a list of regexes that
should be automatically made into links. For example, one can define a
mapping for things like "Mozilla Bug 1234":
regex: mozilla\s+bug\s+(\d+)
See <> for details.
- Add a "MarkdownWithExtras" class that enables all extras (except
>>> import markdown2
>>> converter = markdown2.MarkdownWithExtras()
>>> converter.convert('...TEXT...')
- [Issue 1] Added "code-color" extra: pygments-based (TODO: link) syntax
coloring of code blocks. Requires the pygments Python library on sys.path.
See <> for details.
- [Issue 1] Added "footnotes" extra: adds support for footnotes syntax. See
<> for details.
## python-markdown2 v1.0.1.0
- Added "code-friendly" extra: disables the use of leading and trailing `_`
and `__` for emphasis and strong. These can easily get in the way when
writing docs about source code with variable_list_this and when one is not
careful about quoting.
- Full basic Markdown syntax.
(Started maintaining this log 15 Oct 2007. At that point there had been no
releases of python-markdown2.)