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Full documentation is available at

Teamstudio XControls is a new set of Controls for IBM Domino XPage developers working on new XPages apps and on app modernisation projects. It is effectively a re-write of the Teamstudio Unplugged Controls project, but adding full support for PC browser-based user interfaces as well as mobile interfaces.

XControls is built with Bootstrap 3.x and the Bootcards project. It enables XPage developers to create controls that are responsive, optimizing to the device whether it be a smartphone, a tablet or a PC. There are three key design goals for XControls:

  1. Enable faster design and assembly of modern user interfaces, using Card & List objects (analagous to Forms and Views in traditional Notes development)

  2. Make it easy to write an XPages app which auto-optimizes to smartphones, tablets and PCs.

  3. Make it easy to create XPages apps which work offline on mobile devices (via the Teamstudio Unplugged XPages engine for iOS and Android)

The lead developer of the XControls is Matt White (@mattwhite), with technical design input from Mark Leusink and UI design input from Jack Herbert and Steve Ives.

The XControls project is tested using BrowserStack

For a full release history you can view


A mobile and desktop XPages development framework, from Teamstudio.




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