UnpBootFlatView viewimage fails if getColumnValue returns a null #345

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When previewing a page in the specific case getColumnValue returns a null when building the 'src' attribute. You get a error page. To rectify the problem, adjust the code to check for a null.

The existing code only checks for "" (empty).

<xp:panel styleClass="img-rounded pull-left" tagName="img" id="viewimage">....
// maybe get value in a var first.
var columnValue = thisRowData.getColumnValue(compositeData.photocolumn);

if (compositeData.photocolumn != null && compositeData.photocolumn != "" && columnValue != "" & columnValue != null){

return thisRowData.getColumnValue(compositeData.photocolumn);

return "unp/ecblank.gif";

This is a quarky issue with Domino Views when you access the column values programmatically.

To generate this bug:
Create view column, put in a string literal or compute some value. Point the photocolumn to this view column using the programmatic name. when the script gets to thisRowData.getColumnValue(compositeData.photocolumn) it will return a null value causing an exception so the page does not load. I tried both programmatic names auto assigned such as $22 and "Photo". always get a null.

If I assign to a field to the view column that is in the document, a value is returned, no errors occur.

NOTE: I am working on showing dynamic photos from another database via URL so I cannot save every url in the document so I can show a photo... if the photo changes, I do not want to go into every document and update it. I will add an enhancement request to support dynamic photos in this control. I have a rough draft working.

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