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A small breadcrumbs bundle for Symfony2

branch: master


NB There is now no need to use the 2.1 branch when installing; the bundle is compatible with 2.0 upwards. Use the master branch instead.

  1. Add this bundle to your vendor/ dir using the vendors script:

    Add the following lines in your deps file:


    and run the vendors script:

    ./bin/vendors install

    Or add the following to your composer.json:

    "whiteoctober/breadcrumbs-bundle": "dev-master"

    and run:

    php composer.phar install

    The bundle is compatible with Symfony 2.0 upwards.

  2. If you're not using Composer, add the WhiteOctober namespace to your autoloader:

    // app/autoload.php
        'WhiteOctober' => __DIR__.'/../vendor/bundles',
  3. Add this bundle to your application's kernel:

    // app/AppKernel.php
    public function registerBundles()
        return array(
            // ...
            new WhiteOctober\BreadcrumbsBundle\WhiteOctoberBreadcrumbsBundle(),
            // ...
  4. Configure the white_october_breadcrumbs service in your config.yml:

    white_october_breadcrumbs: ~

That's it for basic configuration.


In your application controller methods:

public function yourAction(User $user)
    $breadcrumbs = $this->get("white_october_breadcrumbs");
    // Simple example
    $breadcrumbs->addItem("Home", $this->get("router")->generate("index"));

    // Example without URL
    $breadcrumbs->addItem("Some text without link");

    // Example with parameter injected into translation "user.profile"
    $breadcrumbs->addItem($txt, $url, array("%user%" => $user->getName()));

and then in your template:

{{ wo_render_breadcrumbs() }}

The last item in the breadcrumbs collection will automatically be rendered as plain text rather than a <a>...</a> tag.


The following parameters can be overriden in your config.yml or similar:

    separator:          defaults to '/'
    separatorClass:     defaults to 'separator'
    listId:             defaults to 'wo-breadcrumbs'
    listClass:          defaults to 'breadcrumb'
    itemClass:          defaults to ''
    linkRel:            defaults to ''
    locale:             defaults to null, so the default locale is used
    translation_domain: defaults to null, so the default domain is used
    viewTemplate:       defaults to "WhiteOctoberBreadcrumbsBundle::breadcrumbs.html.twig"

These can also be passed as parameters in the view when rendering the breadcrumbs - for example:

{{ wo_render_breadcrumbs({separator: '>', listId: 'breadcrumbs'}) }}

Advanced Usage

You can add a whole array of objects at once

$breadcrumbs->addObjectArray(array $objects, $text, $url, $translationParameters);

objects:            array of objects
text:               name of object property or closure
url:                name of URL property or closure


$that = $this;
$breadcrumbs->addObjectArray($selectedPath, "name", function($object) use ($that) {
    return $that->generateUrl('_object_index', array('slug' => $object->getSlug()));

You can also add a tree path

$breadcrumbs->addObjectTree($object, $text, $url = "", $parent = 'parent', array $translationParameters = array(), $firstPosition = -1)

object:             object to start with
text:               name of object property or closure
url:                name of URL property or closure
parent:             name of parent property or closure
firstPosition:      position to start inserting items (-1 = determine automatically)

Overriding the template

There are two methods of doing this.

  1. You can override the template used by copying the Resources/views/breadcrumbs.html.twig file out of the bundle and placing it into app/Resources/WhiteOctoberBreadcrumbsBundle/views, then customising as you see fit.

  2. Use the viewTemplate configuration parameter:

    {{ wo_render_breadcrumbs({ viewTemplate: "YourOwnBundle::yourBreadcrumbs.html.twig" }) }}
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