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Image tracking with getUserMedia
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Video stream object tracking in the browser.

recognising a lemon


This recognises objects from a getUserMedia video stream - we built it for a web-based pictionary game at our christmas party.

The approach taken is:

  1. convert the image into HSV
  2. perform thresholding on the three channels
  3. find the average x/y coordinate of matching pixels

This is quite a basic approach to object recognition, if you want to try and recognise more complex objects you might want to take a look at js-objectdetect, or skip the browser and go stright to Also, if you have suggestions of how to make this more robust/efficient - please do log an issue or ping benjaminbenben.

Most of the processing is done in a web worker, so it shouldn't impact too much on other page interactions. There is also an optimisation that only checks the region near the last observed point - which speeds things up quite a bit.


<div id="target"></div>
<button id="calibrate_button"></button>

<script src="js/bauble.js"></script>
  var bauble = new Bauble({worker:'js/bauble-worker.js'})
      .on('point', function(x,y){
        // do something awesome!!

  // click #calibrate_button to mark as calibrated
  calibrate_button.onclick = function(){


There is an offscreen canvas that is drawn over the top of every video frame, this can be handy for overlaying visuals on the video.

.on('point', function(x,y){


There is a pretty basic example at @benjaminbenben's presentation at #ogn34. More are on the way.

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