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Caller Identification

Identify, prioritize, and connect with callers. Get an incoming caller’s full name, demographics, address data, and phone intelligence in real-time. Using a RESTful GET API request, you’ll receive a comprehensive overview on the incoming caller including phone metadata attributes, who is calling in and from where. For a more detailed response including all the people associated with phone and their respective locations, use the Reverse Phone API.


Request format

Request Parameters All parameters are case sensitive.

KEY Description Examples
api_key See here to acquire an API key. REQUIRED
phone_number Contains a raw unparsed or a formatted phone number. REQUIRED 2069735184 or 12069735184 or 206-601-3561
country_hint Contains the ISO-3166-1 alpha-2 code for the phone_number US or mx or Za


A Caller Identification response is formatted as follows:

Field Type Description
id ID The entity id. REQUIRED
phone_number string Complete undecorated phone number without extension or country code. Example: “2065551212”
extension string The extension (numeric characters only) for the phone number. Example “143” 
is_valid boolean If true, indicates a valid phone number. If false, this is an invalid phone number. Reasons include invalid or missing area code, invalid country code, too short or too long number. If null, current validity of this number is not known
is_connected boolean Deprecated. Will always return null value
country_calling_code string International country code (Spec: ITU-T E.164). Example: “1” for USA & Canada
line_type string Line type can be any of the following: Landline: Traditional wired phone line, FixedVOIP: VOIP based fixed line phones, Mobile: Wireless phone line, Voicemail: Voicemail-only service, TollFree: Callee pays for call, Premium: Caller pays a premium for the call–e.g. 976 area code, NonFixedVOIP: Skype, for example, Other: Anything that does not match the previous categories
carrier string The company that provides voice and/or data services for this phone number. Example: “AT&T Wireless”
do_not_call boolean Deprecated. Will always return null value
is_prepaid boolean If true, phone number is associated to a prepaid phone account. If false, phone number is not associated with a prepaid phone account. If null, the prepaid status of the phone is not known.
belongs_to array A single person or business entity associated with this phone number.
associated_locations array A single location associated with this phone number. More details on the Location Id data structure can be found below.

Associated locations array

Field Type Description
id Object key, type, uuid, durability
type String Type of the address
valid_for Object Start and End day, month, year when person was associated with address
Full address To fully describe the location we return following strings and boolean values: legal_entities_at, city, postal_code, zip4, state_code, country_code, is_receiving_mail, not_receiving_mail_reason, usage, delivery_point, address_type, is_deliverable, standard_address_line1, standard_address_line2, is_historical
lat_long Object latitude, longitude, and accuracy. Where accuracy could be: RoofTop, Street, PostalCode, City, State, Country




  "results": [
      "id": {
        "key": "Phone.4d796fef-a2df-4b08-cfe3-bc7128b6f6bb.Durable",
        "type": "Phone",
        "uuid": "4d796fef-a2df-4b08-cfe3-bc7128b6f6bb",
        "durability": "Durable"
      "line_type": "NonFixedVOIP",
      "belongs_to": [
          "id": {
            "key": "Business.7e29cf66-8bf2-4812-829d-356654b5b3d3.Durable",
            "type": "Business",
            "uuid": "7e29cf66-8bf2-4812-829d-356654b5b3d3",
            "durability": "Durable"
          "name": "Whitepages",
          "locations": null,
          "phones": null
      "associated_locations": [
          "id": {
            "key": "Location.88e44955-805c-455a-99da-d7444ca5c484.Durable",
            "type": "Location",
            "uuid": "88e44955-805c-455a-99da-d7444ca5c484",
            "durability": "Durable"
          "type": "Address",
          "valid_for": null,
          "legal_entities_at": null,
          "city": "Seattle",
          "postal_code": "98101",
          "zip4": "2625",
          "state_code": "WA",
          "country_code": "US",
          "is_receiving_mail": true,
          "not_receiving_mail_reason": null,
          "usage": "Business",
          "delivery_point": "MultiUnit",
          "address_type": "Highrise",
          "lat_long": {
            "latitude": 47.608624,
            "longitude": -122.334442,
            "accuracy": "RoofTop"
          "is_deliverable": true,
          "standard_address_line1": "1301 5th Ave Ste 1600",
          "standard_address_line2": "",
          "is_historical": false
      "is_valid": true,
      "phone_number": "2069735100",
      "country_calling_code": "1",
      "carrier": "Level 3 Communications",
      "do_not_call": null,
      "reputation": null,
      "is_prepaid": false,
      "is_connected": null
  "messages": []