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Insturmentation stream format

Instrumentation data is produced by Foundry as streams of events dumped as JSON. A stream corresponds to one function.

Within a function, entities have names. Entity names are always unique. Entity names may change; in this case, all subsequent references are to be resolved via updated name.

Entities may refer to types. Types are identified with a number, which is always unique and does not change.

The root of the stream contains a Function.


There are several kinds of Types, disambiguated by the field "kind".

Void type

{ "event": "type", "id": , "kind": "void", }

Should render as:



{ "event": "type", "id": , "kind": "monotype", "name": }

Should render as:


Parametric types

{ "event": "type", "id": , "kind": "parametric", "name": , "parameters": }

Should render as:



{ "name": , "present": , "events": }

Set arguments

{ "event": "set_arguments", "arguments": }

Set return type

{ "event": "set_return_type", "return_type": }


{ "name": , "type": }

Should render as:

#{type} %#{name}

Basic block

Should render as:


Add basic block

{ "event": "add_basic_block", "name": }

Remove basic block

{ "event": "remove_basic_block", "name": }

Rename basic block

{ "event": "rename_basic_block", "name": , "new_name": }


Constant operand

{ "kind": "constant", "type": , "value": }

Should render as:

#{type} #{value}

Argument operand

{ "kind": "argument", "name": }

Should render as:


Instruction operand

{ "kind": "instruction", "name": }

Should render as:


Basic block operand

{ "kind": "basic_block", "name": }

Should render as:

label %#{name}

Presence of an operand of this type should create an edge in the graph.

Function operand

{ "kind": "function", "name": }

Should render as:

function "#{name}"

Presence of an operand of this type should create a cross-reference link.


Should render as:

  1. If it has non-void type:

    #{type} %#{name} = #{opcode} #{parameters} #{operands}

  2. If it has void type:

    #{opcode} #{parameters} #{operands}

If opcode is phi, render operands comma-separated with each operand as:

#{operand[0]} => #{operand[1]}

Else, render operands as comma-separated operands.

Add instruction

{ "event": "add_instruction", "name": , "basic_block": , "position": }

Update instruction

{ "event": "update_instruction", "opcode": , "name": "parameters": "operands": "type": }

Remove instruction

{ "event": "remove_instruction", "name": }

Rename instruction

{ "event": "rename_instruction", "name": , "new_name": }


Transformation start

{ "event": "transform_start", "name": }