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Simple and good-looking IRC log viewer. Logger is included. No strings are attached.

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irclogger is a simple irc logger with a fluid web interface, search function, and a live streaming mode where new messages automatically appear in today's log.


  • A Linux server. Non-Linux setups will probably work, but have never been tested.
  • Ruby >= 1.9.3
  • MySQL >= 5
  • Redis >= 2.7
  • Nginx

The default launch scripts assume that Ruby is managed with RVM, but you can remove the two lines mentioning RVM if you are using some other solution or just system Ruby.


  1. Make sure all dependencies are installed and configured.
  2. Create a MySQL database and import the schema from config/schema.sql.
  3. Copy config/application.yml.example to config/application.yml.
  4. Edit config/application.yml. The fields should be self-documenting.
  5. Edit config/thin.yml if you want to place the socket somewhere else than /tmp/irclogger.sock.
  6. Copy config/nginx.conf.example to /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/irclogger. Edit the server_name and root directives to match your setup. Edit the upstream directive if you have changed socket location.
  7. Add the following lines to your crontab:

     @reboot (cd /var/www/irclogger && ./
     @reboot (cd /var/www/irclogger && ./

    Replace /var/www/irclogger with the appropriate installation path.

  8. Reload nginx confguration.

  9. Reboot. (Joking.) cd /var/www/ircloggger; bundle && ./ && ./

Updating configuration

  1. Edit config/application.yml.
  2. ./


Messages appear multiple times in the log

Use the ./ script for starting or restarting the logger. If an instance of it is already active, it will be killed by the script.


  1. git pull
  2. Read the git log. I will mention if the updates change the schema, include breaking changes, etc.
  3. ./ && ./
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