Encoding in Ruby 18 #133

flyerhzm opened this Issue Feb 24, 2014 · 3 comments


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I tried parser in ruby 1.8.7, ree 2012.02, got the following error

ruby18.y:1916:in `default_encoding': uninitialized constant Parser::Ruby18::Encoding (NameError)

There is no Encoding class in ruby 1.8


whitequark commented Feb 24, 2014

Fixed in master. Let me know if you need a bugfix release! The bug only affected the command-line runner.

Sorry I didn't leave a detailed description.

I called Parser::CurrentRuby.parse(str) manually where parser calls parser.default_encoding internally.


whitequark commented Feb 24, 2014

Released 2.1.5 with bugfix.

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