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On Windows, this exhausts file descriptors and everything (e.g.
opening and saving files) breaks.
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Before this commit, when exporting a vector file without the shaded
model shown, or similarly when using formats that we do not export
the mesh to, we still generate (and then discard) the mesh in paint
order. This is a waste of time.
Assets 9
Before this commit, running "make" would build e.g. zlib's tests
and fail because they are not designed to work when zlib is included
as a subproject.

After this commit, EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL, which I did not know about,
prevents any actions from being done by default in these subprojects.
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@whitequark whitequark released this Apr 16, 2016

Reverse arrows on an angle constraint when the label is outside.
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@whitequark whitequark released this Feb 19, 2016

DXF: export entities, dimensions and comments on separate layers.
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@whitequark whitequark released this Feb 14, 2016

Only consider selected entities, when any, when doing Zoom to Fit.

Scoped "Zoom to Fit" is convenient for working on large models.
I (whitequark) have considered a separate shortcut, but its
usefulness is unclear and in any case it can be easily added
if desired.
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