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webpack loader with all the glory of
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webpack loader with all the glory of Uploadcare

uploadcare-loader awesome fusion



Awesome service, handles upload and croping and resizing and storinga and delivering and caching and many other things for you.


Module bundler which allow you require any file and use it kinda like it's a native node.js module.


npm install --save uploadcare-loader


npm install --save-dev uploadcare-loader


In Webpack config:

  test: /\.(jpg|png|gif)(\?{1}.*)?$/, // for operations query support
  loader: 'uploadcare',
  query: {
    publicKey: 'PUBLIC_KEY',
    privateKey: 'PRIVATE_KEY',
    statsFilePath: path.join(__dirname, 'build', 'uploadcare.json'),
    pathAbsolutePart: __dirname,
    storeOnUpload: true,

thats it.

..oh, yeah, configuration..

test: /\.(jpg|png|gif)(\?{1}.*)?$/

Notice how it is much uglier than reguar /\.(jpg|png|gif)$/ you could see in nearly any webpack docs or tutorials? It's because simplier regex does not account for resourseQuery part of the require() call. You may or may not know but require('./assets/img.png?foo=bar') is a valid require and query will be passed and parsed as {foo: 'bar'} by loader if needed. So test: /\.(jpg|png|gif)(\?{1}.*)?$/ is handle




All of this is crutial for one reason: while you could use string concatination in JS like this:

<img src={'${require('./assets/img.png')}-/blur/100/'} />

you could not do anyting like it in CSS url() call (at least without some complicated logic in styl/sass). So in this case you could do

  background-image: url('./assets/img.jpg?operations=/-/blur/100/')

to achieve same result.

Oh and one more thing: while Uploadcare and this loader designed to be used with images, there is nothing standing in your way to use uploadcare-loader for any static files - pdf, xls, fonts, even scripts and css files. just add needed extentions to test Regex (test: /\.(jpg|png|gif|pdf|xls|doc)(\?{1}.*)?$/) and you good to go. Just remeber that operations for this file types are useless, aside from this ones

loader accepts following query params (with defaults):


Uploadcare public key. default is demopublickey; more here


Uploadcare private key. default is demoprivatekey; see above.


Where to put stats file with upload results. it's basicly json with something like:

  "app/images/bg.png": {
    "hash": "15396d45d12809b8f75773f293d874910755",
    "uuid": "985af185-fc43-4e69-807c-654dd037bb41"
  "app/images/mobile.jpg": {
    "hash": "9e7d29d56fd2e60a6f917fc1771d56af79e3",
    "uuid": "a93c8ab5-0e34-4411-85dd-c52647dd0f75"
  "app/images/logo.png": {
    "hash": "e212123d82016211ac94d60c56cedbd32f9e",
    "uuid": "3e4c5830-4abd-44a1-a570-0f71e5b341f9"


This cache allow you to reuse files instead of uploading them over and over again. It is also posible, through not recomended, to keep stats file in git to speed up deploy and save uploads/usage; Better still to put this file under gitignore directive. Default is ./uploadcare-stats.json (where ./ is relative to webpack config file).


Tricky and ugly one. we yet to overcome it and produce a clear solution. Problem is this.resourcePath is absolute: /Users/username/code/project/app/images/background/wide_desk.jpg which will result in cache miss in different environment; so we need to make path relative again. So resourcePathDivider is used to split relative path part from absolute part of the path. default is app, you will probably need src or something.

Awesome part

now you can turn

const img = require('./assets/image.png')


// =>


  background-image: url('./assets/bg.png')


.selector {
  background-image: url(;

Not awesome enough?

well how about that:

const img = require('./assets/image.png')

render() {
  return (
    <img src={'${img}-/resize/600x/-/format/jpg/-/quality/lightest/'}/>

// => somethere in your DOM
// <img src="" />


  background-image: url('./assets/img.jpg?operations=/-/blur/100/')
// =>
// .selector {
//   background-image: url(
// }

full power of Uploadcare CDN operations for your local assets!

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