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It will be a fully modular webstarter kit, for creating & deploying static website/webapps.
Right now is just a non-modular starter kit, but we'll get there.


  1. A computer.
  2. Node >=v6.10.0 and npm.


From npm
npm install -g qnorr

Directly from gitHub: using ssh:

npm install -g git+ssh:// 

using https:

npm install -g git+

or directly:

npm install -g


To get started with a new project, just run qnorr new <project-name>. A new folder will be created under project-name with the default scaffolding and tools (see below) for Qnorr, with git init-ed for you as well.


More documentation regarding deployment/usage can be found in the of your newly created project folder.

In future quick overview guides will be created for some specific packages (Templating, CriticalCSS to name a few), in the meantime refer to packages own docs /shrug


Feature Summary
Responsive boilerplate Inherits all the good parts of your also good ol'friend Sassqit aligned with current Whitesmith Best Practices
HandleBars Templating Using Panini from Zurb.
Sass Handling Using LibSass with gulp-sass
Performance optimization Minify and concatenate JavaScript, CSS, HTML and images to help keep your pages lean.
Swiper Slider By iDangerous, if you need to quickly prototype touch related interactions or simply display a nice responsive carousel 
EditorConfig Uniform spaces and tabs across text editors. Add it to your texteditor, your teammates will like it.
Optional critical path CSS run npm run criticalCSS after build. It uses loadCSS and cssPreload.js polyfill from FilamentGroup
Page speed Tests Brought to you by google page speed insights. After deployment run npm run how_fast, it will use the domain set as homepage in your package.json for the test


Take Look at Issues & Board tabs.


To all open-source packages listed on package.json (we'll put a comprehensive list here soon), inuitcss for the ongoing css inspiration which is the foundation of this kit, Google web starter kit which inspired the creation of this project and ember-cli from which a lot is borrowed on how to make the installer work.

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