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Sketch Clickable Prototype Plugin
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Click Dummy.sketchplugin/Contents/Sketch

Clickable Prototype Sketch Plugin

Export HTML clickable prototypes directly from Sketch. Create links between screens by naming the layer link with linkto:ArtboardName.


  1. Download the files in this repository.
  2. Open the .sketchplugin file.

How to use

  • To create a link to an Artboard, change the name of a layer to linkto:ArtboardName.
  • Use Export Clickable Prototype (^⇧⌘E) to export the HTML Clickable Prototype.
  • Insert the dimensions of the main screen to clip scroll (or click ignore to skip clipping). Tip: the dimensions are auto-populated from the size of the first artboard (select Artboard > Send to back).


  • Export retina 2x images
  • Clip scroll (ideal for mobile prototypes)
  • Add fixed elements (i.e.: bottom bar in mobile prototypes)
  • Auto upload to Github Pages or similar
  • Settings system to save options (color of highlights, artboard size, save location...)


Tomás Marques (

Based of Frank Rausch's Sketch Click Dummy

Uses the Sketch Sandbox library by Ale Muñoz.


MIT License

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