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Gource LIVE

Visualize activitiy in a VCS branch (LIVE commits!) by polling the repository for new commits and feeding the log of changes to Gource.

Supported VCS:

  • Git
  • Bazaar
  • Subversion
  • Mercurial


Running gource live

  1. Add this project to your PATH environment variable

  2. cd into your project's work tree (= local clone, checkout)

  3. Run or /path/to/this/project/

You could also specify the work tree on the command line, for example:

./ /path/to/work/tree

By default this will poll the repository every 5 seconds, and feed the changes to Gource. Run --help for more options.

Debugging gource live

The script has some helpful flags for debugging.

To see what logs would be piped to Gource, the --feed-only flag is helpful, and it's also practical to set the polling interval to 0 using the -i flag, which will effectively make the feeder script exit after a single run:

./ --feed-only -i 0 /path/to/work/tree

It can be also useful to debug the feeder scripts directly, for example:

./feeders/ /path/to/bzr/branch 0

You can run the feeder scripts without any parameters to print the usage help and see what parameters they need, for example:

$ ./feeders/ 


More feature ideas to do someday.

  • add support for hg (mercurial)

  • bzr and svn could work without a local clone, getting info off the repo url

  • embed sample repos and a harness for easier testing

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