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Tools for assisting with Redis Redundancy


A script that will supervise a chain of 3 redis instance behind haproxy providing simple failover and recovery.:

$ dundis watch --redi=localhost:6379,localhost:6380,localhost:6381

The watcher keeps track of each redis instance, whether it is up or down, and helps the chain maintain the best possible state of replication. The watcher manages weights within haproxy, so that upon a failure, new connections will go to the next redis in the chain. When a redis instance returns from failure, the watcher will put it at the end of the chain.

Set up

Run haproxy off a config that looks like:

  contimeout  5000
  clitimeout  50000
  srvtimeout  50000

  stats socket /tmp/redundis-haproxy.sock level admin
  log local1 debug

listen redis :6679
  server redis-6391 localhost:6379 check weight 150
  server redis-6393 localhost:6380 check weight 1
  server redis-6392 localhost:6381 check weight 0

Redis clients should attach to redis via haproxy. For a client running on the same box as haproxy in this case: localhost:6679.

The watcher needs access to the unix socket (defaults to /tmp/redundis-haproxy.sock). This means you will need to run haproxy and the watcher on the same machine (or set up some sort of tunnel perhaps using socat).


This scheme provides reasonable continuouity of service for redis, but no promises of data integrity. If a master or slave crashes during replication or between syncs, data will be lost.


  • more tests
  • docs
  • failover for watcher