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- (added) dynamic, resizable arrays
.size( int ) resizes array; .size() returns current size()
<< operator appends new elements into array
.popBack() pops the last element of the array, reducing size by 1
.clear() zero's out elements of the array
(see examples/array/
- (added) new UAna: FeatureCollector
turns UAna input into a single feature vector, upon .upchuck()
new UAna: Flip
turns audio samples into frames in the UAna domain
new UAna: pilF
turns UAna frames into audio samples, via overlap add
new UAna: AutoCorr
computes the autocorrelation of UAna input
new UAna: XCorr
computes the cross correlation of the first two UAna input
- (added) UGen.isConnectedTo( Ugen ) // is connected to another ugen?
- (added) UAna.isUpConnectedTo( UAna ) // is connected to another uana via =^?
- (added) int Shred.done() // is the shred done?
int Shred.running() // is the shred running?
- (added) int Math.ensurePow2( int )
- (added) TriOsc.width(), PulseOsc.width(), SawOsc.width(), SqrOsc.width()
- (added) Std.system(string) is now disabled by default, to enable: specify
the --caution-to-the-wind command line flag, for example:
%> chuck --caution-to-the-wind --loop
- (removed) SqrOsc.width( float ), width is always .5
- (fixed) it's now (again) possible to multiply connect
two UGen's
- (fixed) OS X only: sudden-motion-sensor HID no longer
introduces audio dropouts below peak CPU usage
due to added centralized polling;
added static Hid.globalPollRate( dur ) to control
the central SMS polling's rate
- (fixed) Windows only: implementation of array via STL vector::reserve()
has been replaced with a more compatible approach (see chuck_oo.cpp)
- (fixed) dac amplitude no longer halved!
NOTE: this increases the gain from before by
a factor of 2, or roughly 6 dB!! BEWARE!!
- (fixed) corrected order of shred/ugen dealloc in VM destructor,
preventing a potential crash during shutdown
- (fixed) UAna can now upchuck() at now==0
- (fixed) STK Chorus UGen now has reasonable defaults
.max( dur, float ) for initializing to delay/depth limits
.baseDelay( dur ) sets current base delay
- (fixed) dur +=> now no longer crashes
- (fixed) ADSR now returns attackTime, decayTime, and releaseTime that corresponds
to the duration-based setting functions (internally multiplied by SR)
(thanks Eduard)
- (fixed) STK Mandolin no longer plays without explicit noteOn
- (fixed) unsporked Shred instances now given id == 0 (thanks Kassen)
- (fixed) typos in ugen_xxx.cpp and chuck-specific rtaudio.cpp (/moudi)
- (fixed) ctrl-c no longer causes crash on shutdown
(was due to memory deallocation bug)
- (fixed) incorrect code generation for multiple expressions in 3rd clause
of for loops (thanks to Eduard for tracking!)
- (fixed) Envelope now is able to ramp down (contributed by Kassen, Dr. Spankenstein,
kijjaz, and others on electro-music!)
--- : codename spectral
- (added) Unit Analyzers (UAna: prounced U-Wanna, plural UAnae)
(primary creators: Rebecca and Ge)
provides support for spectral processing,
information retrieval, generalized + precise audio analysis
- (added) new datatypes:
complex: (real,imaginary)
example: #(3,4) is complex literal (3,4)
example: #(3,4) => complex value;
access components via and
used by UAnae
polar: (modulus, phase)
example: %(.5, pi/4) is magnitude .5 and phase pi/4
example: %(.5, pi/4) => polar bear;
access components via bear.mag and bear.phase
used by UAnae
example: can cast between complex and polar via standard $ casting
- (added) new UAna's:
(authors: Rebecca and Ge)
FFT: Fast Fourier Transform
input: from UGen (manually input float vector)
output: complex spectrum (.cval()/.cvals())
magnitude spectrum (.cval()/.fvals())
(see examples/analysis/)
IFFT: Inverse FFT
input: UAna/Blob complex vector (spectrum)
output: to UGen (as samples)
(see examples/analysis/)
Centroid: Centroid feature extractor
input: UAna/Blob float vector (mag spectrum)
output: single centroid value per frame
(see examples/analysis/features/)
Flux: Flux feature extractor
input: UAna/Blob float vector (mag spectrum)
output: single flux value between current and previous frame
(see examples/analysis/features/)
RMS: RMS feature extractor
input: UAna/Blob float vector (mag spectrum)
output: single RMS value of frame
(see examples/analysis/features/)
RollOff: RollOff feature extractor
input: UAna/Blob float vector (mag spectrum)
percentage threshold
output: single RollOff value of frame
(see examples/analysis/features/)
- (added) capability to externally abort "infinite loop" shreds
(this deals with hanging shreds due to potentially
infinite loops that don't advance time)
- (added) OTF command: chuck --abort.shred sends network OTF
to server to remove current shred if there is one
- (added) default .toString() method to all Object's
- (added) adding an Object to string will first cast object to string;
then add the two
- (added) LiSa.duration() get method, and .voiceGain() set/get
(Dan Trueman)
- (added) alternate line comment: <-- same as //
SinOsc s => dac; <-- here is a comment
- (fixed) NullPointerException when instantiating array of objects
containing arrays of objects
(thanks to chuck-users!!)
- (fixed) Machine.remove() on parent shred id no longer crashes
- (fixed) Machine.remove() on 'me' now works correctly
- (fixed) rounding when writing files via WvOut
(thanks to Chris Chafe for discovering and reporting this)
- (changed) default frequencies (220/440) added for various STK instruments
(there is no version!)
- (added) command line argument support
e.g. %> chuck bar:2.5:"with space"
also works with OTF commands
e.g. %> chuck + foo:1:yo
also works with Machine.add( ... )
e.g. // code
Machine.add( "foo:1:2:yo" );
(see examples/basic/ for accessing from code)
- (added) OS X: watchdog enabled
win32: watchdog implemented and enabled
(combats chuck infinite empty loop implosion)
- (added) OTF server/listener now ON by default...
to enable, specify --loop or --server
to disable, specify --standalone
- (added) new UGens:
Dynamics: dynamics processor (compressor, expander, etc.)
(author Matt Hoffman and Graham Coleman)
(see examples/special/)
GenX: classic + new lookup table functions base class
(author Dan Trueman, ported from RTCMix)
(see examples/special/)
float .lookup( float ) : lookup table value
float[] .coeffs( float[] ) : load the table
Gen5 (extends GenX)
Gen7 (extends GenX)
Gen9 (extends GenX)
Gen10 (extends GenX)
Gen17 (extends GenX)
CurveTable (extends GenX)
WarpTable (extends GenX)
LiSa: (Li)ve (Sa)mpling!
(author Dan Trueman, partly based on Dan's munger~)
- (added) (prototype) string catenation
(for now will leak memory! use wisely!!!)
e.g. // expression
"a" + "b"
"a" + 45
"a" + 5.1
"postfix" +=> str;
- (added) string escape sequences
\0 \n \t \a \" \b \f \r \v \\
\nnn (3 digit octal ascii)
- (added) new Objects:
StringTokenizer: uh string tokenizer (by whitespace)
(use to be hidden PRC object)
see examples/string/
ConsoleInput: interim console input (until file I/O)
(use to be hidden Skot object)
see examples/string/
- (api) API additions
-------- (also see API modifications below)
ADSR: dur attackTime()
dur decayTime()
dur releaseTime()
WvOut: void closeFile()
Hid: void openTiltSensor()
int read( int, int, HidMsg )
HidMsg: int isWheelMotion()
(support for mouse scroll wheels)
int key
(cross-platform USB HID Keyboard Usage code)
int ascii
(ASCII value of key, where appropriate)
- (api) API modifications (sorry!)
ADSR: float attackTime( float ) -> dur attackTime( dur )
float decayTime( float ) -> dur decayTime( dur )
float releaseTime( float ) -> dur releaseTime( dur )
- (api) deprecated --> new classes
HidIn --> Hid
- (fixed) adc.last() now returns correct value (was returning 0)
- (fixed) array is now subclass of Object
- (fixed) accessing null array no longer crashes (instead: exception)
- (fixed) allow: 0 length float arrays
- (fixed) check for negative array size
- (fixed) accessing null map no longer crashes (instead: exception)
- (fixed) connecting null UGen references no longer crashes
- (fixed) trivial (null == null) no longer evaluated as string
- (fixed) strict (x,y) => z type checking
- (fixed) UGens no longer able to make duplicate connections
- (fixed) && now terminates early if an operand evaluates to 0
|| terminates early if an operand evaluates to 1
- (fixed) bug accessing static members of built-in classes
- (fixed) OscSend.startMsg no longer silently fails when
using a single string message specification
- (fixed) Math.atan2 now accepts the proper arguments
- (fixed) increased OTF command network fail-safe measures
- (fixed) STK BlitSquare now produces correct frequency
(applied fix from STK release)
- (fixed) no longer spontaneously crashes when HidIn and
other event based input mechanisms are firing rapidly
- (fixed) using non-static variables from inside static functions
- (fixed) variables must be declared before being used
- added: (all) now returns meaningful device name
- fixed: (all) fixed STK Envelope bug
- fixed: (osx) mouse motion now correctly returns delta Y
- fixed: (win32) joystick hat messages now properly reported
- fixed: (win32) fixed bug where joysticks of same model/product
id would send messages through the same HidIn object
- fixed: (all) seg fault in OSCSend.startMsg() with single
string message specification
- (api) deprecated --> new classes
sinosc --> SinOsc
triosc --> TriOsc
sqrosc --> SqrOsc
sawosc --> SawOsc
pulseosc --> PulseOsc
phasor --> Phasor
osc --> Osc
noise --> Noise
cnoise --> CNoise
impulse --> Impulse
step --> Step
halfrect --> HalfRect
fullrect --> FullRect
gain --> Gain
zerox --> ZeroX
delayp --> DelayP
sndbuf --> SndBuf
pan2 --> Pan2
mix2 --> Mix2
onepole --> OnePole
onezero --> OneZero
polezero --> PoleZero
twopole --> TwoPole
twozero --> TwoZero
biquad --> BiQuad
**** --> ****
std --> Std
math --> Math
machine --> Machine
- (added) --deprecate:X flag
X can be stop, warn, or ignore - default is warn
- (added) STK BiQuad get functions pfreq, prad, zfreq, zrad
- (added) ADSR functions:
void .set( dur a, dur d, float s, dur r );
void .set( float a, float d, float s, float r );
- (added) new UGens (adapted from SC3 Server, Pure Data, CSound)
LPF : resonant lowpass filter (2nd order butterworth)
HPF : resonant highpass filter (2nd order butterworth)
BPF : bandpass filter (2nd order butterworth)
BRF : bandreject filter (2nd order butterworth)
ResonZ : resonant filter (BiQuad with equal-gain zeros)
FilterBasic : base class to above filters
- (added) new HidIn static variables for HidMsg message and device types
- (added) HidMsg fields to determine device type and number
- (added) HidMsg functions with capitalization rather than underscores
(underscored functions deprecated)
- (added) .period for all oscillators
- (fixed) floating point denormals no longer cause potentially
massive CPU usage on intel processors, this includes
BiQuad, OnePole, TwoPole, PoleZero, JCRev, PRCRev, NRev
- (fixed) STK Echo.max no longer gives incorrect warnings
- (fixed) linux makefiles now respects CC/CFLAGS/CXX (Cedric Krier)
- (fixed) SinOsc/TriOsc/PulseOsc/SqrOsc/Phasor.sync now unified:
.sync == 0 : sync frequency to input
.sync == 1 : sync phase to input
.sync == 2 : fm synth
NOTE: the above changes may break/affect existing patches
using TriOsc, PulseOsc, or SqrOsc
- (fixed) TriOsc/PulseOsc/SqrOsc phase consistent with convention
- (fixed) ADSR now handles keyOff() before sustain state
- (fixed) ADSR now correctly inherits Envelope
--- (more)
- (added) support for Mac OS X universal binary
- (added) executable now reports targets:
> chuck --version
chuck version: (dracula)
exe target: mac os x : universal binary
- (added) support for Mac OS X on Intel: (make osx-intel)
- (added) win32 - boost thread priority default from 0 to 5
- (added) Mandolin.bodyIR( string path ): set body impulse response
- (added) HID: support for mouse input on OS X, Windows, Linux
through 'HidIn' class
- (added) HID: support for keyboard input on OS X, Windows
through 'HidIn' class
- (added) new HID examples:
- (added) OS X: --probe human-readable MIDI names
(thanks to Bruce Murphy)
- (fixed) multiple declarations now behave correctly:
(example: int a, b, c;)
- (fixed) now possible to spork non-static member functions
(example: Foo foo; spork ~ foo.go();)
- (fixed) sporking fixed in general
- (fixed) pre/post ++/-- now work correctly
(example: int i; <<< i++ + i++ * ++i >>>;)
- (fixed) public classes can now internally reference non-public
classes in the same file
- (fixed) obj @=> obj now ref counts correctly
- (fixed) STK Mandolin.detune( float f ) changed
- (fixed) STK Mandolin.damping( float f ) changed
- (fixed) adc bug
- (fixed) %=> bug
- (added) multi-channel audio
- use --channels<N> or -c<N> set number of channels
for both input and output
- use --out<N>/-o<N> and --in<N>/-i<N> to request
# of input and output channels separately
- stereo is default (for now)
- (added) UGen.channels()
- (added) class UGen -> class UGen_Multi -> class UGen_Stereo
- (added) UGen UGen_Multi.chan( int )
use this to address individual channels
- (added) examples in examples/multi
- : n channels detuned sine
- : n channels impulse
- (added) HID support (author: Spencer Salazar)
- (added) 'HidIn' event class (see examples/hid/*.ck)
- (added) Terminal Keyboard Input (immediate mode, separate from HID)
- (added) 'KBHit' event class (see examples/event/kb*.ck)
- (added) sndbuf.chunks : better real-time behavior
- can be set to arbitrary integers
(before the .read happens)
- default is 0 frames (no chunk)
- set .chunks to 0 to read in entire file
(previous behavior)
- (added) int math.isinf( float ) // infinity test
- (added) int math.isnan( float ) // NaN test
(see examples/basic/
- (added) sndbuf.valueAt( int ) for returning sample at arbitrary pos
(see examples/basic/
- (added) 'StkInstrument' class
.noteOn( float )
.noteOff( float )
.freq( float ) / .freq()
.controlChange( int, float )
- (added) the following now extend 'StkInstrument'
(most of them have additional parameters)
- BandedWG
- BlowBotl
- BlowHole
- Bowed
- Brass
- Clarinet
- Flute
- FM (and all its subclasses: BeeThree, FMVoices,
HevyMetl, PercFlut, Rhodey, TubeBell, Wurley)
- Mandolin
- ModalBar
- Moog
- Saxofony
- Shakers
- Sitar
- StifKarp
- VoicForm
- (added) better STK documentation
- (added) examples/stk/
- (added) --watchdog and --nowatchdog flags
(very experiment watchdog for real-time audio)
- (added) () => function; // calls function();
(thanks to Mike McGonagle for reporting)
- (added) if exp: ( cond ? if_cond : else_cond )
(thanks to Mike McGonagle for reporting)
- (added) math.abs( int ), math.fabs( float ), math.sgn( float )
(std version unchanged)
- (added) new examples
- basic/
- event/
- hid/
- multi/
- osc/
- stk/
- (fixed) sinsoc, triosc, sqrosc, phasor:
- .sync( 0 ) uses input signal to modulate frequency
- .sync( 2 ) uses input signal to modulate phase
(FM synthesis)
- (fixed) impulse.last() no longer has extra samp delay
(thanks to Mike McGonagle for reporting)
- (fixed) class inheritance now handles the first overloaded
function of a parent correctly when called using a
subclass instance. in other words, this part sucks
less now.
(thanks to Mike McGonagle for reporting)
- (fixed) (internal) type checker re-instantiation patched
- (fixed) (internal) detach_all() moved to chuck_globals.cpp
- (fixed) (internal) global variables moved to chuck_globals.cpp
- (fixed) file handles close in compiler and parser
- (fixed) syntax error causing syntax errors
- (added) The ChucK Manual (pdf)
fantastic work by Adam Tindale and other documentors
see doc/Chuck_manual.pdf
- (added) Envelope.duration( dur ), Envelope.duration()
- (added) Envelope.keyOn(), Envelope.keyOff();
- (added) PitShift.mix( float ), PitShift.mix()
(originally effectMix)
- (added) std.srand( int ) : seed random number generator
- (added) update to RtAudio 3.2.0 -> much lower latency: Window DS
(thanks to Gary Scavone and Robin Davies)
- (added) update to RtMidi 1.0.4 -> improved midi: linux ALSA
(thanks to Gary Scavone and Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas)
- (added) bandlimited ugens: Blit, BlitSaw, BlitSquare
(thanks to Robin Davies for implementation,
Gary Scavone for putting them in STK)
- (added) examples/basic/
(foo2 shows using Blit, is a simple counter)
- (added) examples/class/
(creating and using class to make instruments)
- (fixed) now closes file handle and sets curf
- (fixed) default bufsize=256 under OSX and 512 under all other
- (fixed) chuck + foof garbled error message
- (fixed) chuck.lex compatibility under some linux
- (fixed) waiting on null event: no longer crashes VM
- (fixed) function arguments: no longer allow reference to primitive types
- (fixed) function: correctly select overloaded functions w/ implicit cast
- (fixed) std.atoi() std.atof(): no longer crash on null string
- (fixed) std.fabs(): now works correctly
- (fixed) basic/ use fabs
- (fixed) missing base class virtual destructors;
FreeBSD/g++ compatibility (thanks rasmus)
- (fixed) most -Wall warnings
(API changes again)
(syntax change - 'loop' -> 'repeat')
- loop( ... ) construct (see changed to repeat( ... )
- usage and semantics same as before
- this is also an experimental language feature
(let us know if it's good or bad)
- float std.abs( float ) changed -> int std.abs( int )
- use std.fabs( ... ) for floating point absolute value
- (added) /* block comments */
- no nesting allowed
- closing '*/' not necessary if commenting out rest of the file
- (fixed) arrays of null object references correctly allocated
: Event @ events[128];
- (fixed) DEFAULT sndbuf rate now set correctly to interpolate
for files outside of chuck sample rate (no longer have to
explicit do 1 => buf.rate)
- (fixed) examples/midi/polyfony*.ck no longer creates 128
unnecessary events...
- (changed) examples/stk/ -> examples/stk/
- (changed) examples/stk/ (wacky version)
--- - 2005.10.17
(sorry for the API changes)
- (API change) OSC_Send class name changed to 'OscSend'
(also): .startMesg(...) name changed to startMsg(...)
- (API change) OSC_Recv class name changed to 'OscRecv'
- (API change) OSC_Addr class name changed to 'OscEvent'
(also): .hasMesg() name changed to .hasMsg()
(also): .nextMesg() name changed to .nextMsg()
- (API change) STK Shakers.freq now expect Hz instead of MIDI number
- (moved) examples/event/opensound*.ck moved to examples/osc/OSC*.ck
(see and for examples on OpenSoundControl)
- (moved) examples/event/polyfony*.ck to examples/midi/
- (added) 'loop(...){ }' control structure :
example: loop( 8 ) { ... } // executes body 8 times
example: loop( foo ) { ... } // executes body foo times
(foo is evaluated exactly once entering the loop, the
value at that time is used as a constant to control
loop iteration - even if foo is changed in the loop
- supports break and continue
- important: one fundamantal difference between the loop
semantic and for/while/until semantic is that the argument
expression 'exp' in loop( exp ) is evaluated exactly once
when the loop is first entered.
- (added) MidiIn and MidiOut member functions:
.good() : whether the thing is good to go (int)
.num() : the device number (int)
.name() : the device name (string)
.printerr( int ) : whether to auto print errors (default YES)
- (added) --version command line flag (Graham)
- (changed) chuck --status now prints shreds sorted by id
(previously it was the current shreduling order + blocked)
- (changed) a udp port may now be shared by many OSC_Recv (phil)
: the incoming messages are broadcast to all
- (changed) address/type string in OSC: comma now optional (phil)
- (fixed) events are now 0-sample synchronous (instead of 1)
- (fixed) startup audio stability for --callback mode
- (fixed) incorrect 'continue' behavior in for loops
- (fixed) improved OSC stability (phil)
- (fixed) OSC shreduling sanity check failed now resolved
- (fixed) math.round for negative numbers (win32)
- (fixed) std.mtof and std.ftom now internally double precision
- (fixed) removed extra console output in STK Flute
- (fixed) multiple delete/assertion failure on type rollback
- (fixed) chuck --kill now closes WvOut and MidiRW file handles
- (added) examples/midi/ : very useful sometimes
- (added) examples/midi/
- (added) examples/basic/ ( back in action)
- (added) examples/basic/ (from v1)
- (added) examples/
- (fixed) examples/stk/* now uses array
--- - 2005.9.27
- (added) full callback capability for real-time audio
- blocking functionality still available
- select via flags: --blocking and --callback
- improves latency and stability, especially on linux
- use --callback (default) for low latency / small buffer size
- use --blocking for higher throughput
- (fixed) crash when doing on-the-fly 'replace' : chuck --replace 0
- (fixed) OSC event function now correctly named ("event")
- (fixed) removed debug output in OSC
- (fixed) implicit cast is now correct when sporking (thanks to Manfred Brockhaus)
- (fixed) examples code reformatted, cleaned, and commented
- (fixed) nested class definitions can now have same name as outer class
- (fixed) nested class bug in scan1 (thanks to Robin Davies)
- (fixed) variable resolution in parent class now visible (thanks to Robin Davies)
- (fixed) variable resolution ordering
- local, class, parent, global (thanks to Robin Davies)
- (fixed) emitter now asserts inheritance instead of equality (thanks to Robin Davies)
- (fixed) string comparison ==, !=
- (added) string operations <, <=, >, >=
- (added) +=>, operator : 2 +=> i; (also) -=>, *=>, /=>, %=>
- (added) @=> for explicit assignment
this is the only way to make object reference assignments
- (added) implicit int to float casting
- (changed) cast now look like: 1.1 $ (int) => int i;
- (added) function call by chucking :
// call
(1,4) => math.rand2f => result;
// same as
math.rand2f(1,4) => result;
- (fixed) type system for existing types
- (added) forward lookup of classes and functions (mutual recursion)
- (added) stack overflow detection for massive recursion
- (added) language specification:
- (added) --probe prints all audio and MIDI devices
- (added) --log or --verbose logs compiler and virtual machine
- (added) --logN or --verboseN multi level logging
1 - least verbose
10 - most verbose
- (added) 'class' definitions : class X { int i; }
- (added) 'extends' keyword : class Y extends Event { int i; }
- (added) virtual/polymorphic inheritance
- (added) added pre-constructors - code at class level
gets run when object is instantiated
- (added) function overloading :
class X { fun void foo() { } fun void foo( int y ) { } }
- (added) base classes (can be extended):
Object, Event, UGen
see below
- (added) base classes (cannot be extended):
array, string
see below
- (added) member data
- (added) static data
- (added) member functions
- (added) static functions
- (added) base Event class : Event e;
can be used directly
can be extended to custom events
- (added) waiting on event, chuck to now :
e => now; // wait on e
- (added) e.signal() wakes up 1 shred, if any
- (added) e.broadcast() wakes up all shreds waiting on e
- (added) class MidiEvent (see
alternative to polling.
- (added) class OSCEvent
- (added) arrays : int a[10]; float b[20]; Event e[2];
- (added) multidimensional arrays : int a[2][2][2];
- (added) associative arrays : int a[10]; 0 => a["foo"];
all arrays are both int-indexed and associative
- (added) array initialization : [ 1, 2, 3 ] @=> int a[];
- (added) .cap() for array capacity
- (added) .find() test if item is associative array
- (added) .erase() erase item in associative array
- (added) class UGen
can be extended
- (changed) all ugen parameters are now also functions:
// set freq
440 => s.freq => val;
// same as...
s.freq( 440 ) => val;
- (changed) left-most parameters must now be called as functions
// no longer valid
f.freq => float val;
// valid
f.freq() => float val;
// still ok
440 => s.freq => float val;
- (added) class Shred
- (added) .yield() .id()
- (added) class string
- (added) stereo
all stereo unit generators have .left, .right, .pan functions
- (changed) stereo ugen: dac (2 in, 2 out)
- (changed) stereo ugen: adc (0 in, 2 out)
- (added) stereo ugen: pan2 take mono or stereo input and pans
- (added) stereo ugen: mix2 mix stereo input into mono
--- - 2005.4.11
- last 1.1 release : contains all 1.1 changes
--- - 2005.2.10
- FIFO to RR for audio and synthesis - improves stability on OS X
- fixed stack underflow emitter bug with declarations
- fixed cpu sleep bug on win32
--- - 2004.11.18
- fixed clicks when using adc unit generator
(thanks to paul botelho for testing)
- added 'maybe' keyword
maybe == 0 or 1, with 50% probability each
new examples:
- : the maybe keyword - bad idea? maybe.
- : maybe click, maybe not
adc examples work better:
--- - 2004.11.4
- when a shred is removed from VM, all children shreds are
also recursively removed
(this fix crash due to removing shreds with active children shreds)
(to keep children around, put parent in infinite time-loop)
(this isn't always good - real solution coming soon)
- 'start' keyword now available - holds the a shred's begin time
updated examples:
- : start local variable changed name
- : added infinite time loop to keep children active
--- - 2004.10.17
- crtical patch shreduler time precision
- same as - see below
--- - 2004.10.15
- on-the-fly chuck files to remote hosts!
> chuck @hostname +
> chuck @hostname -p<N> +
- TCP replacing UDP for commands
- endian observed (mac <-> win32/linux)
- more sensible VM output for on-the-fly commands
- many on-the-fly bug fixes
- --replace: new shred inherits the replaced shred id
(useful to keep track of shreds in VM)
- sndbuf automatically set .rate to 1.0 (instead of 0.0)
(0.0 => buf.rate if no play on next time advance)
- new on-the-fly examples
new examples:
- otf_*.ck - illustrates precise on-the-fly timing
(adapted from Perry's ChucK drumming + Ge's sine poops)
chuck them one by one into the VM:
terminal 1%> chuck --loop
terminal 2%> chuck +
terminal 2%> chuck +
(repeat through
(remove, replace and add your own)
--- - 2004.9.29
- now able to write audio files (wav, aiff, raw)
(try and concurrently with any other shreds
to record to disk)
- STK file endian is now observed (more things should work
on little endian systems)
- added 4 "special" built-in sound samples
"special:glot_pop" - glottal pulse (flat)
"special:glot_ahh" - glottal 'ahh' pop
"special:glot_eee" - glottal 'eee' pop
"special:glot_ooo" - glottal 'ooo' pop
(see/listen to,,
- all bulit-in sound samples now loadable from both WaveLoop and sndbuf
- (win32) sndbuf now properly loads wav aiff
new examples:
- - stooges, evolved
- - run this concurrently to write audio to file
(also try with -s flag for file out, no real-time audio)
- - same as rec, but writes to different file every time,
for sessions
--- - 2004.9.18
- all of STK is now in ChucK!
- new examples (see below)
- add '--bufnum<N>' to chuck command line (number of buffers)
- --status no longer prints full path for source
- full path now works for command line + (thanks Adam T.)
- minor bug fixes
- improved online ugen documentation (go phil!)
new ugens: (again, thanks to Phil Davidson!)
BandedWG (STK)
Blowhole (STK)
BlowBotl (STK)
Bowed (STK)
Brass (STK)
Clarinet (STK)
Flute (STK)
ModalBar (STK)
Saxofony (STK)
Sitar (STK)
StifKarp (STK)
delayp - variable write position delay line
new examples: - banded waveguide, automated - shows usage - modal bar, happy chaos - stifkarp, chaos
--- - 2004.9.8
- added win32 visual studio support (chuck_win32.*)
- new oscillators (see below, thanks to Phil)
- corrected more issues on some 64-bit systems
- new examples (see below)
- chucking to oscillators now able to control phase
(alternative to doing FM by hand (1::samp at a time),
see and (thanks to Phil)
new ugens:
triosc - triangle wave
pulseosc - pulse wave oscillator w/ controllable pulse width
sqrosc - square wave
sawosc - saw tooth
phasor - 0 to 1 ramp
new examples: - shows osc's - basic pulse width modulation
(you can still do FM "by hand" - see
--- - 2004.9.4
- improved performance (reduce cpu overhead)
- fixed bug that caused crash on ctrl-c
- added (same as rate)
- corrected issues on some 64-bit systems
- now works
--- - 2004.8.26
- added netin/netout unit generators (alpha version)
- added a lot of STK unit generators (thanks to philipd)
(over 80% of STK is now imported)
- fixed Shakers (thanks to philipd) : examples/
- better compilation for cygwin
- minor bugs fixes
- added many READ functionality for ugen parameters
see online documentation at:
new ugens:
- netout (alpha version) - audio over UDP (see
- netin (alpha version) - audio over UDP (see
- Chorus (STK)
- Envelope (STK)
- NRev (STK)
- PRCRev (STK)
- Modulate (STK)
- PitShift (STK)
- SubNoise (STK)
- WvIn (STK)
- WvOut (STK)
- BlowBotl (STK)
- FM group (STK)
- BeeThree
- FMVoices
- HevyMetl
- PercFlut
- TubeBell
new examples:
- - STK shakers going bonkers
- - oneway sender
- - oneway recv
- - redirect
--- - 2004.8.14
- fixed bug for multiple declarations
- made functions local to shred by default
- shadowing now works
- add 'blackhole' ugen for ticking ugens
- added std.mtof (philipd)
- added std.ftom
- added std.dbtorms
- added std.rmstodb
- added std.dbtopow
- added std.powtodb
new ugens:
- blackhole - the silent sample sucker
- Wurley (STK)
- Rhodey (STK)
- OnePole (STK)
- OneZero (STK)
- PoleZero (STK)
- TwoPole (STK)
- TwoZero (STK)
new examples:
- ( (ab)use of TwoPole and sporking)
- i-robot (building feedback filters)
- (music for replicants)
- rhodey/ (more stk-o-matics)
--- - 2004.8.2
- added sndfile patch for jack/sndfile (Martin Rumori)
- added special raw wav for WaveLoop (philipd, gewang)
(see examples/
- fixed shred shreduling ID bug for on-the-fly added shreds (gewang)
- fixed function resolution for on-the-fly added shreds (gewang)
- added math.nextpow2( int n ) (Niklas Werner, gewang)
new STK ugens:
- Mandolin (see examples/ examples/
- Moog (see examples/
new examples:
- (use of STK mandolin)
- mand-o-matic (fire it up!)
- (Homer's WaveLoop using internal STK sound)
- (prints last ugen output)
- (2 shreds control parameters)
--- - 2004.7.4
- add sndfile support (Ari Lazier)
- add sndbuf file reading/writing (Ari Lazier)
- add sinosc.sfreq and phase (Phil Davidson)
- add sndbuf rate and sinc interp (Phil Davidson)
- add cget functions for unit generators parameters
(many parameters are readable now)
- add .last for last sample computed for all ugen's
- add constants in lib import
- add math.pi math.twopi math.e
- add --srate(N) in command line (chuck --help)
- typing .ck extension optional on command line
- fixed spork bug involved local variables
- fixed nested function calls
- fixed math.min/max bug (Phil Davidson)
- fixed audio stability OS X (Ari Lazier)
- fixed MidiOut issue (thanks to n++k)
new Unit Generators
(from STK)
ADSR (updated)
WaveLoop (updated)
--- - 2004.6.14
- added support for arbitrary audio in/out (via command line)
--- - 2004.6.13
- double lt gt fix
- added demo[0-5].ck to examples
- PROGRAMMER updated
- big/little endian issue fixed
--- - 2004.6.12
- major update to use double float for time, dur, and float
(this fixes the millisecond bug)
--- - 2004.6.9
- fixed win32 build problem (thanks to Adam Wendt)
- fixed midi stack problem (thanks to Thomas Charbonnel)
--- - 2004.6.8
- fixed mem stack bug (report Alex Chapman)
- added jack support (thanks to Thomas Charbonnel)
--- - 2004.6.7
- fixed spork bug
- bad midiin now returns 0
- supports sound card with no input
- add
--- - 2004.6.7
- added ability to spork shreds from code
- casting float/int
- 0-127 MIDI devices support
- fix bugs in on-the-fly commands
- added features to --add, --remove
- added --time --kill
- fixed table bug (thanks to n++k)
- fixed linux makefile (thanks to n++k)
- added STK ugen: WaveLoop, Shakers, JCRev, ADSR
- added shred-time synch by T - (now % T ) => now;
--- - initial release
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