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Getting Started

First, Install the dependencies of the project:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

$ python develop

Next, run our console script to setup the database:

$ su_setup

Finally, to include pyramid_signup in your project, in your apps configuration, you should include the package pyramid_mailer for the validation e-mail and forgot password e-mail and tell pyramid_signup which session to use for the database objects.

 from pyramid_signup.interfaces import ISUSession
 config.registry.registerUtility(DBSession, ISUSession)

pyramid_signup does not require pyramid_tm or the ZopeTransactionManager with your session but if you do not use them you do have to take one extra step, we don't commit transactions for you because that just wouldn't be nice!

All you have to do is to subscribe to the extension events and commit the session yourself, this also gives you the ability to do some extra processing before processing is finished:

from import PasswordResetEvent
from import NewRegistrationEvent
from import RegistrationActivatedEvent
from import ProfileUpdatedEvent

def handle_request(event):
  request = event.request
  session = request.registry.getUtility(ISUSession)

self.config.add_subscriber(handle_request, PasswordResetEvent)
self.config.add_subscriber(handle_request, NewRegistrationEvent)
self.config.add_subscriber(handle_request, RegistrationActivatedEvent)
self.config.add_subscriber(handle_request, ProfileUpdatedEvent)

Extending pyramid_signup

If you would like to modify any of the forms in pyramid signup, you just need to register the new deform class to use in the registry.

The interaces you have available to override from pyramid_signup.interfaces:






This is how you would do it (uniform being a custom deform Form class):

config.registry.registerUtility(UNIForm, ISULoginForm)

If you would like to override the templates you can use pyramid's override asset functionality:

config.override_asset(to_override='pyramid_signup:templates/template.mako', override_with='your_package:templates/anothertemplate.mako')

The templates you have available to override are:






If you would like to override the templates with Jinja2, you just have to override the view configuration:

config.add_view('pyramid_signup.views.AuthController', attr='login', route_name='login',
config.add_view('pyramid_signup.views.ForgotPasswordController', attr='forgot_password',
    route_name='forgot_password', renderer='yourapp:templates/forgot_password.jinja2')
config.add_view('pyramid_signup.views.ForgotPasswordController', attr='reset_password',
    route_name='reset_password', renderer='yourapp:templates/reset_password.jinja2')
config.add_view('pyramid_signup.views.RegisterController', attr='register',
    route_name='register', renderer='yourapp:templates/register.jinja2')
config.add_view('pyramid_signup.views.ProfileController', attr='profile', 
    route_name='profile', renderer='yourapp:templates/profile.jinja2')


If you would like to help make any changes to pyramid_signup, you can run its unit tests with py.test:

$ py.test

and to check test coverage:

$ py.test --cov-report term-missing --cov pyramid_signup

you might also consider running the tests in parallel:

$ py.test -n4