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Python Crypto Bot v7.0.36 (pycryptobot)

Docker Tests

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Please beware of scammers impersonating the admins. Stay safe!

  1. Never share your API keys with anyone.
  2. Don't let anyone run your bots for you.
  3. The bot does not use a multi signature wallet.
  4. Telegram admins will never message you first.
  5. Chat in the main channel rather than privately.

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Supporting The Project

I get paid to write on Medium. Readers following me, applauding and commenting on my articles, all helps with my earnings. I provided this bot to all of you for free and actively develop it. One way you can support my efforts is to follow me on Medium and chap my articles. The Medium subscription is $5 a month (roughly £3) so basically nothing in terms of the value you are getting from the bot. Your efforts there would be greatly appreciated!

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For information about installing, using, and getting the most out of the bot... please refer to the articles on Medium!

Install and Setup of PyCryptoBot 7

PyCryptoBot 7 Live Test Results

PyCryptoBot 7 Configuration