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This is an interface using w3m with Qt API documents.

To use qtref.el, you need to have w3m installed in your system.
Also you need to get Qt API documentation and have it placed in
your system.

Just place qtref.el (this file) anywhere on your load path, and add
the following to your emacs setting file:
(require 'qtref)

The first time qtref is called, it asks you in minibuffer about the root
directory in which your Qt documentation resides. So please specify that
diretory. In most Linux-like systems, it's probably
/usr/share/qt4/doc/html or something like that.

Alternatively, you could specify the root directory in your emacs setting file.
(require 'qtref)
(setq qtref-docroot "/usr/share/qt4/doc/html")

Choosing default behavior: Custom variable `qtref-default-behavior'
determines the default searching behavior if you just hit Enter
when asked in the minibuffer about which of class or function to
search for. The default value is class, so if you want it to search
for functions in the default mode, set this variable.
(setq qtref-default-behavior 'function)

Usage scenario:
M-x qtref [RET]
[c]lass or [f]unction: f  ; searching for function doc
Function: addToolBars [RET]

Another case:
M-x qtref [RET]
[c]lass or [f]unction: c  ; searching for class doc
Class: QWidget [RET]

Finally, binding qtref to some key, for example \C-c\C-q, is a good
idea, I think.

I hope this will help. Thanks.
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