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A lightweight, fully-customizable, Java-based web server and service.
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This is the online source repository of Wsite, a lightweight, fully-customizable, Java-based web server and service.

How to run

Creating an executable Jar

Run ./gradlew shadowJar. The result will be in ./build/libs/wsite-<version>.jar

Via Gradle

Run ./gradlew run. The service will use ./rundir as the working directory.

Quick-start guide

  • First running will result in a small setup service being hosted at localhost:4568/
  • Fill in (at minimum) the fields under Initial operator (the SSL and SMTP fields don't do anything right now)
  • Submit the form, and the server will restart with the standard routes
  • Login at /login (logout at /logout)
  • Every route prefixed with /control will require an operator to be logged in.
  • Upload / delete assets at /control/uploadAsset / /control/deleteAsset, publicly accessible at /assets/<path>
  • Create / delete pages at /control/createPage / /control/deletePage
  • Create / delete users at /control/createUser / control/deleteUser (you can't delete yourself)
  • Configure settings at /control/configSite / /control/configDatabase / /control/configSsl (not used) / /control/configSmtp (not used)
  • Edit stuff at /control/edit<Asset|Page|User>
  • Edit your own user information at /profile/edit
  • Shutdown / restart the server at /control/shutdown / /control/restart

That's all for now. Come back later for more updates...

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