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AutoML: BigML Automated Machine Learning

In this repository, you can find a WhizzML Script and a WhizzML Library to perform Automated Machine Learning within BigML.

BigML AutoML

The script will execute, from a given set of train/validation/test datasets, the three main stages in an Automated Machine Learning pipeline: Feature Generation, Feature Selection and Model Selection. The library contains some lower-level functions to abstract away the complexity from the main script.

How to install

If you have bigmler and make installed in your system, just check out the WhizzML examples repository and, at its top level directory, issue the command:

make compile PKG=automl

That will create all necessary library and script resources for you, and clean up any previous installations. Please, make sure to execute the make command above in the repository's top level directory, not in automl.

If make is not available in your system, you can install the library and the script simply with this command (again, at the repository's top level):

 bigmler whizzml --package-dir=automl

See also the top-level readme for general information on installing packages in this repository.

How to execute

To create a new execution of the AutoML, please read the script readme.

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