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Boruta algorithm

In this package you'll find a script implementing feature selection using a version of the Boruta algorithm to detect important and unimportant fields in your dataset. The algorithm:

  • Retrieves the dataset information.
  • Creates a new extended dataset. In the new dataset, each field has a corresponding shadow field which has the same type but contains a random sample of the values contained in the original one.
  • Creates a random forest from the extended dataset
  • Extracts the maximum of the importances for the shadow fields
  • Uses this maximum plus (minus) a minimum gain as threshold. Any of the original fields scoring less than the minimal threshold are considered unimportant and fields scoring more than the maximum threshold are considered important.
  • Fields marked as unimportant are removed from the list of fields to be used as input fields for new datasets
  • The procedure is repeated, and a new extended dataset is created with the remaining fields. The process stops when it reaches the user-given number of runs or when all the original fields in the dataset are marked as important or unimportant.
  • When iteration stops, a new dataset is created where unimportant fields have been removed.

The inputs for the script are:

  • dataset-id: (dataset-id) Dataset ID for the original data
  • min-gain: (float) Defines a range around the maximum importance of shadow fields to use as threshold for undecided/important/unimportant field classification
  • max-runs: (integer) Maximum number of iterations

The outputs for the script are:

  • results: (map) List of important and unimportant fields
  • feature-selected-dataset: (dataset-id) Result Dataset ID with unimportant fields removed


The test directory contains a shell script named which uses BigMLer to perform a basic test of the WhizzML code. To run the test:

  • BigMLer must be installed. For instructions to install BigMLer please refer to the BigMLer documentation.
  • Your credentials must be set as environment variables. Please refer to the BigML Authentication section of docs for details.

Once the setup is complete, go to the test directory and run the shell script

    cd test