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K-means minus two

A variation on the k-means-- algorithm proposed by Sanjay Chawla and Aristides Gionis in their paper "k-means--: A unified approach to clustering and outlier detection".

Given a dataset, a number of clusters k and a number of anomalies l, this script creates a BigML k-means cluster. The l instances that are the farthest from their centroids are removed and another BigML k-means cluster is created. This process is repeated until the Jaccard index of subsequent sets of anomalies passes some threshold, or until some maximum number of iterations.


  • dataset: the dataset of interest

  • k: the number of clusters desired

  • l: the number of anomalies to be removed at each step

  • threshold: the minimum desired Jaccard index between iterations

  • maximum: the maximum number of desired iterations


  • cluster: the cluster id of the final cluster

  • dataset: the original dataset appended with fields for cluster membership and distance to centroid

  • anomalies: a list of the anomalous instances

  • similarities: a list of the similarity coefficients from each step