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IPTV Smarters Pro (TV Box Edition ) - v1.6 released Out !

  • Watch Trailer - ability to watch the trailer for Movies and Series as well.
  • Recently Watched - New Section that will have the movies that has been watched.
  • Resuming Video - it brings the ability for user to resume the video where they left it before.
  • Hardware and Software Decoding ( Major Update) - Now, we have updated our native player that support hardware and software decoding.
  • Sorting options for Categories
  • Sorting features for Live
  • Reconnects recording if it fails
  • Recording in SD Card and External/Internal Storage
  • Arabic RTL support
  • Notification feature
  • Movies Info Section Improved
  • Player Selection - It gives the ability to change the media player permanently from the setting sections
  • APK File Size optimisation + Bugs like No audion, audio out of sync etc fixed.

Now, it's available on Google Store :

Download the App v1.6


IPTV Smarters - TV Box ( New App ) - v1.4 released Out !

Make sure you have ordered a demo from our website here

Enter your username and password that you have submitted while ordering

Featurs | Pricing | Free Demo :

Download Demo APK here

Available on Play Store

Changelog :

  • Subtitle Track & Audio Dual Track Supported

  • AutoStart on Boot ( Settings -> General )

  • Support Multi-language ( Added only 3 lang but could be added your lang on your deman - To Change Settings -> General )

  • Support 4k Movies & h265 Codeces Supported

  • Play with External Players - Watch a Video | Screenshot (Long Press on the channel it will give the option to play with the external player)

  • Jump to channel by channel number from the Remote Short Video

  • Search Functionality on the Live TV - Screenshot

  • Focus/ Selection by remove on Player Icon - Screenshot | Short Video

  • Get Menu Option by the Remote button ( Option Menu button ) - Short Video

  • Fast Loading & Channel Zapping

  • Added "General Setting" - Screenshot

  • Slow Motion Video - Fixed

  • MultiDNS Support ( But You must buy the Addon " MultiDNS Support" )

Feel Free to report your issue if you have any feedback. Thanks


IPTV-Smarters-TV-Demo-APK Version 1.3.1

******** Change logs -IPTV Smarters - TV Box Version Demo v1.3.1 **************

Issue fixed :

  • EPG issue Fixed scrolling @Wendell Balous reported this

  • Reconnects issue / reconnecting and streams doesn’t play after a loop = many clients reported this

  • 301 move premaritally fixed - if you have a redirection url then it will work @gareth castle reported this

  • EPG Screen Crash - fixed ( when you go up by holding up button then it crashed but now its’ fixed )

  • Aspect ration issue fixed and also, don’t need to change it again and again it’s stored once you do first time

*New things *

  • Sorting options for Series

  • Add to fav for series sections

  • 8 channels showing on the EPG Screen ( 32 inch screen) - @Wilby Cadet reported this one