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Wheater Station with Digistump Oak

This projects allows to fetch weather data (temperature, humidity, pressure and ambient light) with the Digistump Oak and it's Wheather Shield. The data is send to the Particle cloud and collected with a python script to store the data in a MySQL database.

The wheater data is visualised with Highcharts on an Apache webserver.

Oak configuration

To guarantee a long runtime when battery powered, following strategies are used:

  • use deep sleed mode of Oak
  • send data only each 150s
  • disable onboard LED

Therefore following hardware modifications have been made:

  • connect WAKE-RST solder pad
  • cut LED-EN solder pad of main onboard LED

To program the Oak with the Arduino IDE you have to connect PIN1 to GND at power cyle to put the Oak in safe mode.

General information and how to build up the Wheater Shield you'll find in the corresponding wiki

Sourcecode modifications:

  • change ALTITUDE define to you altitude (in meters)
  • adjust the sleep time (150s is default)

Webserver configuration

In this project I am using a MySQL database and an Apache Webserver running on a Onion Omega platform. For security reasons, make sure that "config.ini" is not accessible with the webbrowser.

A sample database (weather.sql) is given.


  • change database login details in "config.ini"
  • change database login details in ""



To Do

  • allow to change diagram range at the page
  • prettify webpage
  • convert light sensor data to candela