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One more minor version bump, fixes from @snovotny

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@@ -15,6 +15,7 @@ Please note that as of version 0.5.3 of the gem, the key names that are used for
h1. Changelog
+* v0.6.2 Fixes a problem with 'destroyed' objects (thanks @snovotny!)
* v0.6.1 Fixes a problem with deleting an object and not having it deleted from an assosciation (thanks @sheur!)
* v0.6.0 Refactor and change to the way that model names are stored in redis
* v0.5.3 Support for inheritance via sfeu and ujifgc, this version *breaks compatibility* with previous versions of the gem
@@ -108,4 +109,5 @@ h1. Badass contributors
* <a href="">Jonathan Lassoff (jof)</a> Fixes to support textual keys
* <a href="">Sebastian Feuerstack (sfeu)</a> Fixes to support inheritance
* <a href="">Stephen Heuer (@sheur)</a> Fixes to deleted assosciations
+* <a href="">Steve Novotny (@snovotny)</a> Fixing a bug with 'destroyed' objects

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