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Whois API

This is a client library for the Whois API service. With this API you can

  • Check if a domain name is available
  • Get its whois data or query an arbitrary whois server
  • Don't worry about rate limits on the respective whois server

The service supports all domains of the Whois Server list, which is more than 500 top level domains.


This package is available in Maven central:



You'll need an api key to use this library. Get if from the Whois API.

WhoisApi whoisApi = new WhoisApi("apiKey");


WhoisApi whoisApi = new WhoisApi("apiKey");
System.out.println(whoisApi.isAvailable("") ? "available" : "registered");

License and authors

This project is free and under the WTFPL. Responsable for this project is Markus Malkusch

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