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Duplicate removed, case insensitive ordered misc wordlists for different uses. There may or may not be duplicates across different files. These wordlists may help with different security tasks ranging from password security testing (hashcat, etc) to domain probing (fierce). These wordlists where collected from random places across the web. Over 15 million words across all files.


Bessel: Rockyou list (132M / 13830978 words)
Abacus: Portuguese words (13M / 1012066 words)
Centauri: Mixed words, possible passwords, domains (9M / 910600 words)
Anglican: English words dictionary alphanumerical space (5M / 466544 words)
Magnus: English words alpha space (4M / 370099 words)
Antares: Spanish words (2M / 183077 words)
Deneb: Common sub domains, admin (18K / 2898 words)
Sirius: Misc sub domains (9K / 1594 words)
Canopus: Common admin sub domains (133b / 20 words)
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