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New copy of 2011-09-11

git-svn-id: e62f009e-d044-43ae-9900-873abb462db7
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commit 0985b97b533e89d5bbbc03aa82ba54b8c07a9d83 1 parent 5ac168c
@bortzmeyer bortzmeyer authored
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4 GM
@@ -31,12 +31,12 @@ e-mail:
nserver: NS1.ASAP-ASP.NET
nserver: NS1.NIC.GM
-nserver: NS2.NIC.GM
+nserver: NS2.NIC.GM
status: ACTIVE
remarks: Registration information:
created: 1997-03-28
-changed: 2005-07-26
+changed: 2011-09-11
source: IANA
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