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Game Design Dorkshop 4 - HaxeFlixel

MFADT 2015 - Bryan Ma

HaxeFlixel is a few 2D frameworks packed onto each other using a very modern programming language called Haxe. Its a little bit of a departure from previous game programming dorkshops. Instead of recreating a classic game in Processing, we'll be doing an overview of why you would use a framework like HaxeFlixel followed by some live coding to get something basic working.

The goal of these game design dorkshops has not really been just about becoming better game programmers/designers - the real goal is to work together to become better programmers/designers in general, using game design as our context (because fun).

We want to understand how to structure approaches to design problems in code plus visuals, and understand the range of options we have out there and work to engage with them. For game programming, HaxeFlixel is one option, along with Unity, Construct 2, Unreal, Multimedia Fusion, Torque, etc.. and learning about what is out there (especially beyond Processing and OF, for us) is a big step.

We won't be going too advanced compared to some of the previous game design dorkshops - its more of a general introduction to a new option. As long as you have some experience with object-oriented approaches in Processing or OF you should be fine. Just bring a laptop and maybe a drawing tablet if you have one, we might get to do some sprite animation.


Presentation link

Getting started

Sublime Text Haxe bundle

API reference


Adam Saltzman, creator of Flixel