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#include <CoreFoundation/CoreFoundation.h>
#include <CoreServices/CoreServices.h>
#include <QuickLook/QuickLook.h>
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import "RegexKitLite.h"
#import "QLSFileAttributes.h"
* This dictionary is used for a file with no extension. It maps the MIME type
* (as returned by file(1)) onto an appropriate thumbnail badge.
static NSDictionary *mimeTypeToBadgeMap() {
return @{
@"application/xml": @"xml",
@"text/x-c" : @"C",
@"text/x-c++" : @"C++",
@"text/x-shellscript" : @"shell",
@"text/x-php" : @"php",
@"text/x-python" : @"python",
@"text/x-perl" : @"perl",
@"text/x-ruby" : @"ruby"
* Some formats, e.g. Makefiles, have well-known names and no extension.
static NSDictionary *filenameRegexToBadgeMap() {
return @{
@"Makefile" : @"make"
* @return the string that should be used to badge the thumbnail.
static NSString *ThumbnailBadgeForItemWithAttributes(
QLSFileAttributes *attributes) {
NSString *fileExtension = attributes.url.pathExtension;
NSString *fileName = attributes.url.lastPathComponent;
__block NSString *badge;
// Do we have a file extension? If so, use it as a badge if it's not too
// long.
if (![fileExtension isEqualToString:@""]) {
badge = fileExtension;
// Is the file extension too long to be reasonably displayed in a
// thumbnail? If so, fall back on the additional tests.
// FIXME: use some better test to determine an appropriate length.
// FIXME: perhaps we should truncate the extension (at the end? in the
// middle?) to fit as much in the thumbnail as possible.
if (badge.length >= 10)
badge = nil;
// Do we have a well-known MIME type? Note that we only do this test if we
// have no file extension. file(1) might wrongly guess the MIME type, and it
// would be annoying if the file extension were to say one thing and the
// badge another.
if (!badge && [fileExtension isEqualToString:@""]) {
NSDictionary *map = mimeTypeToBadgeMap();
badge = map[attributes.mimeType];
// Does the filename match a known pattern? If so, use the appropriate badge.
if (!badge && [fileExtension isEqualToString:@""]) {
NSDictionary *map = filenameRegexToBadgeMap();
[map enumerateKeysAndObjectsUsingBlock:
^(NSString *regex, NSString *candidateBadge, BOOL *stop) {
if ([fileName rkl_isMatchedByRegex:regex]) {
badge = candidateBadge;
*stop = true;
// Do we have an executable text file? If so, assume it's a script of some
// sort.
if (!badge) {
NSFileManager *fm = [NSFileManager new];
BOOL isExecutable = [fm isExecutableFileAtPath:attributes.url.path];
if (isExecutable)
badge = @"script";
// No other tests passed? Just badge it with "txt". I would use "text",
// except that the OS X text QuickLook generator uses "txt", and we ought
// to be consistent with it.
if (!badge) {
badge = @"txt";
return [badge uppercaseString];
/* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Generate a thumbnail for file
This function's job is to create thumbnail for designated file as fast as
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
OSStatus GenerateThumbnailForURL(void *thisInterface,
QLThumbnailRequestRef request,
CFURLRef url,
CFStringRef contentTypeUTI,
CFDictionaryRef options,
CGSize maxSize) {
@autoreleasepool {
if (QLThumbnailRequestIsCancelled(request))
return noErr;
QLSFileAttributes *magicAttributes
= [QLSFileAttributes attributesForItemAtURL:(__bridge NSURL *)url];
if (!magicAttributes) {
NSLog(@"QLStephen: Could not determine attribtues of file %@", url);
return noErr;
if (!magicAttributes.isTextFile) {
// NSLog(@"QLStephen: I don't think %@ is a text file", url);
return noErr;
if (magicAttributes.fileEncoding == kCFStringEncodingInvalidId) {
NSLog(@"QLStephen: Could not determine encoding of file %@", url);
return noErr;
NSDictionary *previewProperties = @{
(NSString *)kQLPreviewPropertyStringEncodingKey : @( magicAttributes.fileEncoding )
NSString *badge = ThumbnailBadgeForItemWithAttributes(magicAttributes);
NSDictionary *properties = @{
(NSString *)kQLThumbnailPropertyExtensionKey : badge
(__bridge CFDictionaryRef)previewProperties,
(__bridge CFDictionaryRef)properties);
return noErr;
void CancelThumbnailGeneration(void* thisInterface,
QLThumbnailRequestRef thumbnail) {
// implement only if supported
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