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*1.8.0* (Aug 23rd, 2010)
* updated code to support new iplayer release
* sped up sxhedule buy fetching json feed
*1.7.0* (Mar 29th, 2009)
* fixed always-on-top-bug
* fix small bug with schedule list
*1.6.0* (Mar 29th, 2009)
* oops .. bugfix for for summertime date change
I know I should have made a minor release no
*1.5.0* (Mar 26th, 2009)
* the schedule menu has been updated to
correctly display what broadcast you are
listening to, live or listen again. Also
if you are listening to a show again
the schedule will indicate this as well
as letting you see and select what is
currently playing live on that particular
* keeping the app always on top can now
be done via the preferences menu
* Now using the shared BBCProgrammes libs
*1.4.0* (Mar 22st, 2009)
* New icon. Thanks to David Wilson
Not only new, but animated too. I spent
far too long making this cool, but I
think it was worth it
* Twitter support. Via the preferences menu
You can now choose to post your listening
habits to the @radioandtvbot account
on You can optionally
provide your twitter username and
this will be in the tweet otherwise
your Mac login fullname will
be used. There are growl notifications
for this. The App will only tweet if you
have been listening to the same show
for over 5 mins
* The red close button now displayed.
It will quit the App
* The title in the window is now more
useful, displaying what show you are
listening to. Especially useful when
the app is zoomed.
* The schedule stays up-to-date. This means
that when the shows change and become
available to listen again, the app knows.
It also means that the title and tweeting
happens as you listen throughout the day.
*1.3.0* (Feb 23rd, 2009)
* You can now resize the viewing window
via the View menu or via shortcuts. There
are a bunch of standard sizes from
small to massive. As well as the full
screen option in the player itself
* bug fixes and optimisations
*1.2.0* (Jan 13th, 2009)
* updated dock icon when service is chosen
* change font size on schedule list
* update about text
*1.1.0* (Jan 13th, 2009)
* window title now shows correct information
* docktile is neater
* bugs fixes and optimations
*1.0.0* (Jan 1st, 2009)
* initial release
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