Long Time No See

@whoozle whoozle released this Aug 11, 2016 · 153 commits to master since this release

I delayed this new release as long as possible, but amount of internal changes is enormous. So I think 3.0 will be good starting point for collecting feedback from fellow users. All remaining major features from 3.0 were moved to 3.1, more than 100 issues were fixed so far.

  • Added translations for GUI (russian only for now, please add any language you want)
  • UI fixes
  • Linux USB fixes (removed scatter-gather large buffers, updated headers, no continuation flags if it's not supported)
  • Added libmagic support (determine what the file type is on upload)
  • Added log facilities (log/debug/hexdump)
  • Cleaned up timeouts across the project. Removed hardcoded timeouts where possible
  • Various cli tool improvements, fast ls via property list.
  • Added GetObjectPropertyList mtp command
  • Faster listing in fuse if GetObjectPropertyList supported.
  • Fuse low level API wrapper, faster performance up to 100x comparing to high-level API.
  • Do not use integer for ObjectId, use ObjectId everywhere
  • Fuse helper is optional now
  • Qt version can be changed at the build stage.
  • Added DeviceNotFound exception for mac.
  • Fixed broken empty array implementations (Samsung)
  • Architecture improvements, ICancellableStream