Openscad file to create a card with Braille writing.
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braille tiles.scad


These files use the OpenSCAD free, open source CAD program to create Braille letters. To download OpenSCAD, go to There is a manual there about the program. Once you have downloaded it, you can edit one of the files here to create any letter or letters you like in Braille.

To create a 3D printable .stl file, open the file braille.scad in OpenSCAD. At the top of the file you see this: 

string = [

This will print a multi-line card that says:

Hello, world!

To print out something else, change the letters to what you want, being sure to separate them with commas. In addition to letters, some special characters are available. You will find a list in braillechars.scad.

To create an STL once you have changed it, click on the render key (a cube with an hourglass) and then the STL file.