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This is a collection of best practices for organizations, especially those with limited resources, e.g. Startups, NGOs. This is by no means a definitive list, but meant to serve as a start of a conversation.
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Startup Leadership Best Practices

This document should be considered as a working document at all times and may be modified based on experiences and feedback.


The purpose of this article is to document best practices for those with leadership positions within the organization. This is by no means a set of rules to follow, as every team is different. It is, however, strongly encouraged that every team, including the executive team, to consider and adopt the documented practices whenever possible.


For a startup, or any organization in an unstable, fast moving industry, to operate is like navigating in the ocean. Any change in weather, current, and nearby ships may propel or ruin the ship. Thus, the organizational structure should attribute such an environment in its design.


This document is heavily influenced by Sir Richard Branson’s approach for establishing and growing the Virgin Group. Agile Software Development manifesto also inspired many of the documented practices, with greater responsibility placed on the leader to follow through. Other inspirations include the Lean Startup Principles and 37Signals’ Rework. A minor influence is the Straw Hats within One Piece manga universe.

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