Brands in Who's On First documents.
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Brands in Who's On First documents.


This is a work in progress and very much still "wet paint" and there is little to no tooling for this stuff yet.

Where do all these #brands come from?

At the moment, they come from the Elasticsearch index running the Who's On First Spelunker. They are the product of a not very sophisticated faceting process on an unanalyzed copy of the wof:name field (called unsuprisingly name_not_analyzed). Like this:

curl -s -v --max-time 600 'http://localhost:9200/spelunker/_search?from=0&size=50' -d '{"query": {"term": {"w:placetype": "venue"}}, "aggregations": {"brands": {"terms": {"field": "name_not_analyzed", "size": 0}}}, "size": 0}' > brands.json

That produces something like 16 million distinct names. We have not imported most of those. Instead we have limited the #brands included here to only those with 50 (or more) venues. So instead of 16 million #brands we have about 7,400 as of this writing. Maybe the cut-off point should be 25, maybe it should be 10. Maybe it should be 5. We don't know yet. We're figuring it out as we go.

It is assumed that a whole bunch of these records will be superseded or deprecated or both. That work remains tomorrow's problem.