JSON Schema definitions for Who's On First documents
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JSON Schema definitions for Who's On First documents

JSON Schema Version

The schemas in this repo have been written to conform to JSON Schema v0.6 draft (note to self: when will JSON Schema ever reach version 1.0 and come out of draft?).

Schema Types

This repo contains JSON schema definitions for the following JSON file types:

Who's On First Property Definitions

schema/properties/properties.json defines the JSON schema to validate Who's On First property definition files, found in the whosonfirst-properties repo.

GeoJSON Documents

schema/geojson/geojson.json defines the JSON schema to validate a WOF specific subset of GeoJSON documents.

Who's On First Documents

schema/docs/whosonfirst.json defines the JSON schema to validate Who's On First GeoJSON documents, found in the whosonfirst-data repo and is a superset of the GeoJSON schema.

Referenced Schema Definitions

In addition to the top level schemas detailed above, this repo also contains the following referenced (JSON schema-speak for included) schema definitions:

  • schema/docs/wof-properties.json - defines a Who's on First document's properties object

  • schema/docs/wof-hierarchy.json - defines a Who's On First wof:hierarchy object

  • schema/geojson/geoson-bbox.json - defines a GeoSON bbox object

  • schema/geojson/geojson-geometry.json - defines a GeoJSON geometry object

Who's On First Document types

At the time of writing, the whosonfirst-data repo contains two types of GeoJSON documents:

  1. master documents; these contain the canonical definition of a Who's On First place and are named [WOFID].geojson. These are validated by the schema contained in schema/docs/whosonfirst.json.

  2. alternate documents; these contain supporting definitions for a Who's On First place and are named [WOFID]-alt-source-function-scope-detail.geojson. See this cookbook document for details on the file naming format.

Editing Schema documents

Please do not edit schema/docs/wof-properties.json by hand. This file is autogenerated by the wof-build-schema script in the py-whosonfirst-json-schema repo and which, in turn, reads property definitions from the whosonfirst-properties repo.

Validating Who's On First Documents


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