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Who's On First

Theory and practice for Who's On First - the raw data lives at

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  1. Go tools for working with libpostal (sometimes in the service of Who's On First)

    Go 43 16

  2. Where things are (and what they mean) in Who's On First.

    Python 24 12

  3. Go package to implement a bucket-brigrade style webhook server where requests are relayed through a receiver, one or more transformations and one or more dispatchers each of which have interfaces a…

    Go 21 6

  4. Where things come from in Who's On First.

    Python 20 14

  5. Instructions and How-To Documentation for Who's on First

    Python 12 3

  6. An in-memory point-in-polygon (reverse geocoding) package for GeoJSON data, principally Who's On First data.

    JavaScript 11 5


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