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A lein plugin that starts up an "embedded" postgres instance to be used when running tests / during development.

In effect it works as a wrapper around OpenTable's embedded postgres JUnit helper.


Add [lein-postgres "0.1.1"] to the plugins vector in your project.clj file.

A postgres instance can then be started with lein postgres

This will start a postgres instance and wait until you send it kill command with ctrl+c

You can also start a postgres instance and run other lein tasks by passing them as a second argument.

lein postgres test

This will start postgres, run your tests (which presumably depend on postgres) before closing postgres and cleaning up.


You can configure lein-postgres with a config map in your project.clj

(defproject  "1.0.0-SNAPSHOT"
  :plugins [[lein-postgres "0.1.1"]]
  :postgres {:port 12345 ;optional, defaults to a random free port
             :clean-data-directory true ;optional, defaults to true - should we cleanup the data directory on close
             :data-directory "/tmp/embeddedpostgres" ;optional, sets the temporary data directory
             :server-config {"max_connections" : 300}} ;optional, allows you to set additional server config options

See here for more information on additional server-config options.


Thanks to OpenTable for the excellent embedded postgres plugin and Joe Littlejohn for lein-embongo which was used as a base for some of the code here.


Copyright © 2015 Ben Griffiths

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License - just like Clojure.