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whotooktwarden committed May 14, 2016
1 parent 59547e5 commit 4959bfb98f314b9466e29056c376c1487cd9cd98
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@@ -161,7 +161,27 @@
echo '<a href="">XRP/BTC.~Xagate</a> Order-Book<br />';
echo '<a href="">XRP/LTC.~Xagate</a> Order-Book<br />';
echo '<a href="">XRP/NXT.~Xagate</a> Order-Book<br />';
echo '<a href="">XRP/ETH.~Xagate</a> Order-Book<br />';
echo '<a href="">XRP/CAD.~Rippleunion</a> Order-Book<br />';
echo '<a href="">CAD.~RippleUnion/BTC.~Xagate</a> Order-Book';
Uncaught error rippleapi; something about concurrent websocket connections to the rippled server and the promise object
Probably shouldn't load these concurrently...Offer hyperlinks
include "./rippleapi/getXRPBTCxagate.php";
include "./rippleapi/getXRPLTCxagate.php";
include "./rippleapi/getXRPNXTxagate.php";
include "./rippleapi/getXRPETHxagate.php";
include "./rippleapi/getXRPCADrippleunion.php";
include "./rippleapi/getCADrippleunionBTCxagate.php";
$getXagateBTCOrders = '<a href="">XRP/BTC.~Xagate</a>';
$BTCOrdersArray = file_get_contents($getXagateBTCOrders);
$BTCOrdersJson = json_encode($BTCOrdersArray);
@@ -259,6 +279,7 @@
echo "This example is the ~SnapSwap/~Bitstamp order book for $getBTCSSBTCBSOrders <br />";
//echo $BTCOrdersJson;
//echo $BTCOrdersArray;
echo "<hr>These statistics were provided by the following endpoints:<br />";
@@ -272,6 +293,7 @@
echo '<a href="">MeasuringWorth</a><br />';
echo '<a href="">Perth Mint</a><br />';
echo '<a href="">Bitcoin Charts Exchange Rate Data (virtexCAD)</a><br />';
echo '<a href="">ripple-REST: Get Order Book</a><hr>';
//echo '<a href="">ripple-REST: Get Order Book</a><hr>';
echo '<a href="">RippleAPI: Get Order-Book</a><hr>';
echo "<b><em>This data product is provided as-is, and QGK makes no warranty, either express or implied, including but not limited to, warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. In no event will QGK be liable for any direct, special, indirect, consequential or other damages, however caused.</b></em>";

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