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This script is for maintaining your server's manual backups.  Note, this script is meant to operate with and was tested on Ubuntu 14.0.4 LTS.
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whotooktwarden committed May 18, 2016
1 parent 2845f25 commit fae606cdc7c4b45f24851894a4d39a024e69f6d1
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#chmod 750 this script
#place this script within /server_backup/
#Copy your backup to the root of your system's file tree
#Execute this command to restore your tarball: tar xvpfz backup.tgz -C /
#Documentation for this script:
sudo tar czf /server_backup.tar.gz --exclude=/server_backup.tar.gz --exclude=/home --exclude=/media --exclude=/dev --exclude=/mnt --exclude=/proc --exclude=/tmp /.

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