enter repeating chores and their frequency/ priority and get a todo list ordered for you - written for appjet
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I have a tendency to forget to do important things. Keeping lists
has helped, but things that re-occur are both obnoxious to continually
put on lists and generally important. Whether this is a reasonable
solution to this problem is... questionable. However, it was an idea
I had, and I was curious about appjet (and subsequently git) and 
decided my day would be better served figuring those things out than
actually finishing the chores that inspired the app in the first place.

So here we are, two days later, and I have an app on hosted on appjet,
source repo at github, and it.. yknow.. works. The display leaves something
to be desired, but I'm no designer. Prioritization algorithm is not
in place yet, but will be once I do a little experimentation with it.
The method is being invoked, it just returns this.priority(); atm. 

You can enter chores and the frequency with which they should
happen, and even complete them! http://chorepusher.appjet.com. Checks it out.