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the goal of static is to generate static html sites as quickly and easily
as possible while maintaining a separation between content, structure, and layout.

static should also accomodate feeds.

the site map
each page is described on a site map tree

the feed list
each feed is named in a list of feeds

the blueprint
the base for content and structure on a site. blank by default.

the layout
top level html wrapper for content and structure. similar to a "layout" in rails.

the content
a series of yaml files that hold the content for pages in a hash 

the structure
html files with special comments to put content in place

steps to create a site with static

1. create an html page as a "layout"
2. mark sections in the page as content and partials with comments
3. create a site map
4. generate content / structure files
5. edit content and structure per-page as required
6. publish site
7. upload resulting static html
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