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This is an automatic plant watering system for an Arduino. This is a mostly experimental repository, and the code and board files within may not work correctly.
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This project is on hold for the moment. The boards, schematics, and code in this repo are not guaranteed to work. Please let me know if you have any questions about the project.

Automatic watering system based on ATmegaxx8 microcontrollers.

Using the code or boards is not currently recommended for long-term use.

TODO: (items in bold are scheduled for the next release. Items which have been dealt with are struck through.)

  • Add EEPROM-stored settings, which can be changed over the serial port
  • Add sleep code for lower power consumption
  • Add individual watering. The code currently uses one pump for both plants
  • Replace linear regulator with switching
  • Add optional float switch for water tank
  • Add optional voltage sensing for batteries (with settings for various chemistries)
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