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Do long-winded period dramas actually tally up more Oscar nominations?
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Metis Project 2: Oscar Bait Investigation

Do films with Oscar Bait characteristics (e.g. long, lavish period dramas, etc.) actually tally up more Oscar nominatons than other types of films?

Read my blog post on the matter to learn more!

Program Flow

The table below provides high-level overviews of what each analysis script does. More information (including specific input/ouput data) can be found in each script's header.

Program Description Scrape data from Box Office Mojo and match to OMDB API.
02-Movie-Clean.ipynb Clean scraped movie data and engineer features.
03-Movie-Describe.ipynb Descritive statistics for Oscar Bait movie analysis.
04-Movie-Model.ipynb Linear regression models for Oscar Bait movie analysis.
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