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Sentiment analysis of tweets to U.S. airlines.
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Metis Project 4: Rule-Base vs. ML-Trained Sentiment Analysis

How does the performance of various supervised ML and rule-based methods compare when tasked with identifying sentiment in Tweets to U.S. airlines?

Read my blog post for a full discussion, or check out the slides from my Metis presentation.

Program Flow

The table below provides high-level overviews of what each analysis script does. More information (including specific input/ouput data) can be found in each script's header.

Program Description Add rule-based TextBlob and VADER sentiment polarity scores to CrowdFlower data.
02-Text-Blob-Sentiment-Analysis.ipynb Sentiment analysis of 1,000 tweets to United Airlines using TextBlob.
03-Airline-Sentiment-Analysis.ipynb Compare performance of rule-based and supervised ML-based sentiment classifiers.

Code Dependencies

Before running any of these scripts, please make sure to have downloaded:

NumPy, Pandas, Sci-Kit Learn, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Pylab, re, NLTK (including their twitter samples corpus), TextBlob, vaderSentiment, Pickle, Cnfg, Os, TweePy (Twitter API Python Wrapper), MongoDB and PyMongo

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