Sitecore Commerce 9 Client for Augmented Reality application built in ARKit
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Client application for Sitecore Commerce ARCommerce.ProductAPI built in Objective-C with Apple ARKit.

AR Sitecore Commerce Demo

Application uses Scanning and Detecting 3D Objects technology to detect real objects and Sitecore Commerce API to download information related with them.

Object scans (.arobject files) used for detection are downloaded from Sitecore Commerce website using ARCommerce.ProductAPI.



When opened for the first time, app will ask for the Sitecore Commerce website URL and item ID of products category, which contains products with AR scans.
Afterwards it will sync product IDs and AR objects with Sitecore. For details check /api/cxa/ARCatalog/GetProductScans in ARCommerce.ProductAPI.
It's possible to change the settings or trigger synchronization with server afterwards, by tapping "Sync Products" or "i" buttons.

Object Scanning

When you point to the object with device's camera, app will load product information from Sitecore using ARCommerce.ProductAPI /api/cxa/ARCatalog/ProductInformation and display it above the object. When user taps on this information, app opens the product in Sitecore Commerce website.


  • In terminal call pod install to download dependencies.
  • Install application to iOS device with xCode.