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Module allows to use Sitecore 9 Forms directly in Rich Text Field.

Editors have two options to insert the form, both work from Experience and Content Editor:

  • Type in [form id="form-itemid"] tag:

Sitecore Inline Forms Experience Editor

You can find your form item IDs in Content Editor under /sitecore/Forms item

  • Pick a form from Rich Text Editor:

Sitecore Inline Forms Rich Text Editor


To display Sitecore 9 Form in your page, make sure that you have @Html.RenderFormStyles() and @Html.RenderFormScripts() in your MVC layout with @using Sitecore.ExperienceForms.Mvc.Html directive.

Manual Installation/Install from Source

  • Clone repository
  • If needed update nuget packages used in InlineForms projects to match your Sitecore 9 version
  • Update publishUrl to your Sitecore instance URL in publishsettings.targets file
  • Update path in SourceFolderInlineForms variable to your local repository folder in SmartSitecore.InlineForms.DevSettings.config file
  • Publish SmartSitecore.Foundation.InlineFormsRenderer and SmartSitecore.Foundation.InlineFormsRichText projects from Visual Studio
  • Publish SmartSitecore.Foundation.InlineForms.Serialization project. This project contains Unicorn assemblies and configuration. If you already have Unicorn in your project you can deploy only App_Config\Include\Foundation\InlineForms folder.
  • Go to {your-sitecore-instance}/unicorn.aspx and sync Foundation.InlineFormsRichText project.

Test website deployment

  • Follow the steps for manual installation of the module
  • Publish SmartSitecore.Project.InlineForms.TestWebsite project form Visual Studio. Project contains Glass.Mapper configuration, if you already have it, you can remove them.
  • Go to {your-sitecore-instance}/unicorn.aspx and sync Foundation.Serialization and Project.InlineFormsTestWebsite projects.
  • Redeploy your site if you use web database
  • Test pages are installed under /sitecore/Content/Home/InlineForms item, there is also test contact form item under /sitecore/Forms. Project contains two pages which show how to render inline form with Standard Sitecore MVC or Glass.Mapper
  • If the contact form is not visible in Forms app, rebuild sitecore_master_index in Control Panel
  • If the contact form item usage doesn't point to the test pages, rebuild master link database in Control Panel