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SXA Column Splitter for Sitecore JSS

SXA Column Splitter for Sitecore JSS


  • Add Column Splitter component to Allowed Controls of your main placeholder settings items.
  • Add your renderings to Allowed Controls of column placeholder settings item.
  • In Content or Experience Editor add Column Splitter component to your main placeholder, use +/- buttons to add/remove column in Experience Editor
  • Set column sizes in component properties.
  • Add your renderings to column placeholder.

Setup Instructions

  • Prerequisite: Follow SXA Grid System with Sitecore JSS to configure grid system for your SXA Site. You only need to configure site settings items and grid system, changes to components, or pipelines described in this blog are not necessary. If you synchronized items from this repository, you can inherit your /sitecore/content/{sxa tenant}/{sxa site}/Settings from /templates/Feature/ColumnSplitter/My Site Settings template and select proper grid system in Grid Mapping field (for bootstrap you would need to also update Grid Definition item, more in the blog).

  • Deploy code and pipelines configuration from this repository. Sync items serialized with Unicorn. Check Feature.ColumnSplitter.Serialization.config for serialization project settings.

  • If you don't want to synchronize items, follow the instruction to create new ones:

    • Create Rendering Parameters Template item inheriting from /sitecore/templates/Feature/Experience Accelerator/Page Structure/Rendering Parameters/ColumnSplitter.

    • Optionally add _Standard Values item for the template, with default column splitter values (e.g. two column split on desktop and one column on mobile). You can edit columns field using Raw values.

    • Create new Placeholder Settings item for placeholder column, assign your renderings to Allowed Controls field.

    • Create Json Rendering item poiting to your JSS implementation:

      • Select template created in first step in Parameter Template field.

      • Add Add Column and Remove Column in Experience Editor Buttons field.

      • Add column placeholder to Layout Service Placeholders field.

  • Create and deploy equivalent JSS component. Implementation for React:

import React from 'react';
import { Placeholder } from '@sitecore-jss/sitecore-jss-react';

const ColumnSplitter = ({ rendering, params }) => {
  const columns = params.EnabledPlaceholders?.split(',');
  return (
    <div className="row">
      {columns?.map((value) => {
        return (
          <div key={value} className={`col ${params[`ColumnWidth${value}`]}`}>
            <Placeholder name={`column-${value}`} rendering={rendering} />

export default ColumnSplitter;
  • Verify your layout service if it contains rendering parameters for columns and renderings in columns splitted into separate placeholders:


Implementation of SXA Column Splitter component in Sitecore JSS