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Bootstrap Cover

Bootstrap - Responsive Web Development

The Bootstrap Book

Bootstrap is a simple HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for building user interface components and websites. If you want to build killer web interfaces and jump on top of trends like responsive sites, then Bootstrap should be at the foundation of your site build. In addition to the responsive framework, Bootstrap offers a suite of jQuery tools like a revolving slideshow, tabbable interface, drop down menus, and custom modal windows. In this book, we'll look into how you can add these tools to your development workflow.

Just about to be published, preorder here on Amazon or here directly from O'Reilly.

About the Author

Jake Spurlock is a developer for O’Reilly Media where he works for MAKE magazine. MAKE publishes a DIY magazine, produces Maker Faire, and is trying to make the world a better place by teaching people that they can make things. Jake is a Utah native, but was recently grafted into the California wine country.

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The Bootstrap Book



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